Gone are the Days

Every horrible, slightly uncomfortable, noteworthy, pleasant, beautiful, ugly, amazing, incredulous, etc. thing that has ever happened to me is over. The moment, the days, the weeks all passed. They are gone. Only the now remains. The future is not guaranteed except our eternity in Christ. That is secure. We have lived through every day and every experience up to now. We have suffered, laughed, mourned, celebrated, all of it. But now is who we are because of or in spite of all that has happened. Now is proof of our learning from the past or deciding to relive it, did we learn or did we remain as we were? Was there good as a result in the proud person standing in front of the mirror or shame and impede nice of growth that you wonder if so much damage can be repaired? Or worse, are you so distracted you are lethargic to it all living like a sort of fleshy robot? I ponder things like this about myself now. I believe what purposeful choices I make now if done right would result in maturity and growth and strength and wisdom, with God’s help. I think if done wrong may damage my relationship with God and threaten my future. I believe we all have this free will choice but like it or not we face the consequences of our own decisions we make. Is momentary pleasure worth shaming the name of Christ, throwing what He an suffered for under the bus and dishonor in Him? Or should the decisions I make be purposeful to worship Him and honor His name? It is deep. It is the decision right now. In ten minutes I will have the same decision. In two hours I have the same decision to make. But right now is all I know I have so right now I will decide that forever with God is more important than any momentary pleasure that is gotten in His stead. Tomorrow’s are gone and their decisions gone. The beautiful thing about God is He goes by what decision you make now. He is less concerned about past mistakes than you might think. “Now, this decision, is the important one. I choose to worship God.” That statement should be tattooed on us, imprinted on us, put everywhere in the house for it will always each and every time be the important truth of the right decision. To heck with the past. Go from right now. “Right now, I will honor God and not me.”

The Day It Is

I live in the now. I remember the past very well with an excellent memory but do not live there. I plan for the future, God willing, and believe in being moderately prepared but I do not live there. I live in the now. Here. Right now. I live in the moment. Does that mean I don’t always pay attention to what I might be doing wrong that could cause something bad down some hypothetical road? Nope. Living now, right here, does not mean you are any more an idiot than someone always in the past or always in the future. See, it requires a great deal of faith to live right now and not worry about later. It takes a lot of forgiveness and God’s healing to not live in the past. But now, if I live right here and live life always conscientious of the way God wants me to live in love and truth, I am humbly walking with Him and can have a conversation with Him, all other distractions of past and future being limited. And right now is all we have at this moment. We can be closer to God if we use our minutes well and focus on Him and live life to the fullest in His arms and presence. Isn’t that the very best life we can live? I think so too. 🙂 

When the Past Won’t Leave

There are many sayings about how the past should be left alone E, should not be focused on, should not be given freelance because the now suffers. I understand that viewpoint. However, some of the best things in my life happened in the past, some long past and some recent past. These things go along with the other line of thinking to find hope and focus on this GS that are good and beautiful. So I don’t believe there is an either/or in life. I don’t believe we can pick one because really we live in both places. We need to live now but focus on the good and great and encouraging and uplifting, wherever that rests, either past or present. And I refuse to shake off those beautiful things that meant the most to me. They are worth preserving, worth cherishing, may never come again but at least you lived fully in those moments. So I will keep those, forever and forgive the wrongs and move forward in the now, realizing the importance of treasuring every good moment and living fully the life we have at our feet.

Missed Opportunities

Many many times in my life I seized the day, climbed the mountain, dated, had conversations, danced the dance, flew, travelled, served, learned, taken so many opportunities to enjoy life and figure it out and work that were available. Sometimes I created my own opportunities. But then there were other opportunities in life that I did not take for whatever reason, spouse’s wishes, didn’t feel right, wrong timing, interest wavered, unchallenging or boring, whatever. These I have found myself mulling over for years, wo dering what ifs of what would happen if I had taken more of these opportunities. How would my life be different? Would it be better? Would it be worse? Would I have been trapped? Would I have triumphed there? So many questions. The answer I get now. I understand the answer to those questions. It is simple. If anything would have changed, everything would have changed and I would not be who I am at this moment in whose company I am in for reasons God knows. All of it was to bring me to this place. I have lived more than I have lost. I have lost a lot. My life is a reflection of the grace of God not my ability to do everything I have done alone. I have crossroads I have faced and chosen a direction. I face some now. I will face some later. But each decision made empowers the next and growth co es from experience for me faster and more meaningfully than from any textbook. I love life. I don’t always love what it consists of. I don’t love sharing some things or people in my life. I don’t love a lack of freedom that would allow me happiness. But where I am would not be possible without every taken and every missed opportunity in my life. So I am thankful for them all.

The Declaration of Independence Revised

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to unite their political strands that have been shredded one against the other, and to resume among the powers of this earth, the separate and improved station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of intelligent mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel us to restoration.

We hold these truth, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable right, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. …

The rest must read exactly as it did when they wrote it. This amazing Declaration of Independence dictates we do whatever is in our power to ensure the safety, security, freedom and happiness of her people. When any government threatens it, ANY government, even its own, the people have a right and responsibility to change it. That is what I read. I am not very political naturally because politics now is so deranged and indoctrinated in shades of gray and relativism, but I am extremely patriotic and it is impossible to be extremely patriotic and be okay with how things are being run right now. And as Americans, enough of us can promote change, only the beneficial kind this time, and we can elicit the strongest and most wise and powerful world leader that has ever existed to come to our aid… God. We can pray. When God’s people pray and repent of their sins and turn away from evil, such as impurity and hatred and in forgiveness and murder and envy and laziness, among others, then our promise from God is that He will forgive us immediately and then heal our land. He is not waiting on the evil ones to change, but He expects those who claim His name to do so now. Help save America… pray and change you for Him and in so doing, you become one of many amazing American patriotic heroes. We need heroes like this. Be one.