The minority extremists may be in charge of the entertainment media and tv/movie world and internet, but I wanted to assure real people out there who love tradition and what is right that the majority of people that I know are heterosexual, believe in and love God, love their country, respects and appreciates our Preaident, are faithful to their spouse, have children they are teaching about God, and wish our majority was represented instead of this constant pushing the minority few who are deviants of nature and all that is right and good that God made. Did I do that all in one sentence? Wow. But I needed to voice it. I am soooo tired of being spoken to like that is normal and watching that be called normal for America what God did not create that way. I really do not care who is offended and prefers lies to truth. Quit speaking for us and quit causing God to be angered because you want to defy Him. I am a woman married to a man with beautiful children and happiness together loving God. My husband is the head of our home and I am very thankful for that and reapect and love him. My kids are last in command but versed in teachability. We are praying, fasting and we care about America, about truth, about right being right. We love our families. We want to please God our Maker. We love life.❤

Normal Is a Distant Star in Someone Else’s Universe

Never having been “normal” and knowing a few boring people but absolutely no “normal” ones, I am convinced this term is both ignorant and against God’s original design when He made us. See, we were made on purpose, beautifully and excellently, full of our own specific abilities and gifts and upbringings. This refutes the ignorant “normal” claim and makes those who embrace their uniqueness feel “abnormal” and be bullied and pressed down. This is very dangerous for people may be tempted to not fulfill their original and beautiful and rather powerful design. Whoever countermands God’s design will have seriously bad and extensive consequences. So be careful that no one deceives you into a false reality of who you were designed to be and go all out in obedience to God as to your original and unique design. Be you and do ago with God. ❤

A Long Ways From Normal is Pretty Close to Perfect

Many of my friends that I love or just know and many other acquaintances and many of my former patients were consumed about being or appearing “normal”, whatever that is. I started thinking what they actually are wanting or needing when they fixate on that and then I wondered why I never wanted normalcy. And here are my findings and contemplations. People are made by God to be social. We want to be accepted by others, fit in, be one of the crowd because loneliness and rejection are pretty serious fears of about everyone. If we think we deviate from certain social “norms” or standards or rules, we stand out and are more easily picked off and discarded (in our fear-driven minds). And this does happen to many with disabilities, deficits, or rule breakers who are carted off to jail punishments. So that fear is validated and supported in their minds. But fear is the driver. And while it is imperative to maintain order and safety by keeping the rules and moral rules of a society in order for everyone to be safe and free to move about the cabin, people take it to another level to (like in high school) be popular, well liked, okay, existence validated. Taking it to this level, though, can demand that you disregard a gift God gave you to develop that might not be so popular or normal, especially considering your family upbringing. Thus you might not be living to your full potential because of fear. One of the gifts God gave me is fearlessness. That has been challenged as late as my daddy’s health is fading and my hormones are in overdrive (that season of life) but I will get back to myself in time and be fearless once again. But that gift allowed me to not need to be “normal”. Don’t get me wrong, I am very moral and respectful of rules to maintain order and thus freedom, as it is necessary. But that is the extent of it. Being rejected has not been a fear because I am more afraid of missing out on what God intended me to do and gifted me with. As a kid, I loved superheroes and wanted to be one. And I can get closest to that by being all that God allows and empowers me to be because He gives more to those who use what He gave them. Respect for God trumps fear of societal rejection. That seems to be a good choice. I’ll keep it. 🙂