Every Morning is New

Every morning starts your life over. Sleeping is a reset and recharge. Morning starts new with new opportunities, new grace from God. Stop worrying for today is all you have to think about. You have one thing to do. When that is completed, do the next thing. Fresh. New. Do away with the past, it no longer exists. Forgive all hurts and pains from yourself and others. Forgive freely because God forgives freely and you want Him to forgive you freely. Be as generous with others as you want God to be to you. Every day is a new start to do this. God says love today, serve today, forgive today, pray today. This is your only job. It helps to look at this day through the lens of eternity. In fact, we have a goal. We have a goal of eternity with Christ, eternal life with Him in heaven. And if we live this new day here with that perspective, it is simple, doable, lovely. Then tomorrow, you have a fresh new day again. Each day you life with the goal of eternity. This, my friend, is a beautiful day. And that will always be true.❤

Lamentations 3:22. “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. 23. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

Spirit of Revival

There is a Spirit of revival I van feel now. It is a positive flow of potential and push toward forgiveness and repentence. I see people changing out of old clothes of addiction and into new clothes of peace and hope. Of course many are rejecting this prompting to their own detriment, but the Spirit is flowing and giving opportunity. I feel hope and change and renewal. It is beautiful. Wherever this encouraging, hopeful Spirit finds a home, there is joy and love and peace and I see the fruit of that same Holy Spirit in new places and people, making them gloriously beautiful. Praise God!❤

A New Experience with Old Remembrances

So my ex (my son’s dad) started a new job driving a bus from hotels to the four major Disney theme parks. Tonight, we dropped my son off to ride around with him for a few hours to have time together without his new wife, quite literally the wicked stepmother from Cindarella and her ilk. And so it was new. We rode around exploring restaurants and shops and Disney Springs area while they rode on. It was quite a new experience to everyone’s contentment and happiness. And old remembrances washed over us as afterward we ate at Ponderosa, which I did not know still existed and which tastes exactly the same as I remember it from my childhood with daddy. ❤ And I tell you again and again that God is exquisitely good and it was again very good day with Him. Oh how I love God who continues to bless, regardless of what else goes on in the world. God blesses us as He blessed King Hezekiah who obeyed Him. It is truly a wonder how greatly God blesses, hears and protects those who obey and sincerely want to please Him!❤❤❤