Never Forgotten

I used to want to forget. I don’t anymore. Forgetting is not only futile but also time-consuming and distracting.

What should be the prayer and is now is not to forget but to minimize importance and impact and give God His due and proper first place in every thought, situation and action. Never forgotten but never ever again taking the place of God. That is the goal. And God has given me this. Praise God! It can be done. God is greater!❤❤❤

When to Give Up

Now, I was once of the opinion that one should never give up. And I believed this wholeheartedly to the point of such faith that indeed I succeeded at everything I started. The thing is that this will ONLY be true if you are starting to do something God put on your heart or wills you to do. When you are obeying God, never ever give up.

Just be sure that is what you are doing. I taught my children that when they decide something, their moral character will show up in the myriad of little decisions as they are on that journey. And this is true. We prove our moral worth by being consistent more than by doing a huge thing then nothing much after. I would rather hire a person consistently good than a person once impressive but now hit or miss.

So, they key is to know God wants you to do something. Then, do that and everything as you go your best, asking for God’s help as you go. Then sink in and never ever give up.

It is ok to give up if you realize God was not on board and it was just something you wanted for selfish reasons. Then letting it go and doing what God wants is absolutely the right thing to do.

The thing is that we are responsible to do something for God. It may be great things but maybe not, but regardless it is a million little good decisions. Not lie, be loyal, speak encouragement, practice good manners, put others first, persist, commit, try again, speak truth, don’t do wrong, don’t steal, be content, have joy, practice peace, so on. These things never ever give up on. This is moral success and God will smile on you for it shows and proves your heart’s loyalty to Him.❤

Never Embarrassed

I never have embarrassed easily. In fact, that is an understatement. I am weird and never have cared what anyone else thought of me. So when I heard of people embarrassed to say they were Christian or defend their faith, it was a little unbelievable to me and quite horrible. To me, with all God has done for us and all He is doing now and will do, He is the absolute last person on earth to be embarrassed about. It is laughable. In college, I was mocked for standing up for God. Often. Laughed at openly. I was embarrassed for them all, never for believing what I believe. May it never be so! I was sad for them because they are missing it entirely. God cannot be mocked. He is so far above that. And those who mock Him better look out. Never be embarrassed. Ever. God made you to be with Him. Do that and you never have to worry about the rest. It will take care of itself or God will handle it. God’s hands is a very good place to be.❤