Focusing on the Life Giver

Even if everything is wrong with your life right now (which is always a negatively – skewed exaggeration), love the Life Giver and focus on Him. There is always something beautiful from Him in your life if you are focused on Him. For instance, my husband and teenage son are at odds a lot and angry a lot, my daughter is having trouble with obedience and honesty and a tad of laziness, I have to do a lot for my mom because of her poor choices, I now have added regular responsibility, my weight loss has stalled at only 2 pounds to go, I have a lot of responsibility on me as per usual, I am feeling a heavy weight from so many burdens around me, I am often neglected despite all this, I have no money to do things or get shopping for Christmas, I am missing my loved ones no longer here, so much weighing me down right now. I could focus on these things and get seriously depressed. That would be easy to fall into. I don’t though. I refuse. Instead, I do something else.

I focus on God, the Life Giver. I focus on my residence in heaven. I focus on the great goodness of God. Then, it becomes much easier to see how many blessings I have. Yes, the negative things are all still here, but I now get to play piano at a new church my friends attend and lead worship for. I get to teach my children school. I am healthy enough to work hard and keep up with everything without pain or exhaustion. I have a mom still alive close by. I have a husband and home and children and fish. We have air conditioning and a minivan that is lasting a long time. These are all blessings.

The thing is… sometimes you can only see the good stuff after you put your remaining energy on God. He gives life and is the light source. Focus on Him is the decision. It is always my best decision.❤❤❤

Choices of Reflection

A lot has happened in my lifetime. Most recently, I think of Daddy most, but I have lost many friends and family along the way and we’re I to focus on that, pretty sure I’d go crazy. Instead, I am trying to divert my thoughts to worship and prayer and the blessings and friends and family in my life now. We can choose what we focus on. There is a time to mourn and a time to laugh, a time to cry and a time to dance. We can not get stuck in the negative because the positive needs our participation. In the positive is life and movement and action. In the negative is stagnant sadness, movementlessness. And yes, I understand I just made that word up but it is true. Positivity focuses on good and others and God. Negativity focuses on self, self and self. And today, I really miss my dad and my friend I lost recently but I know that I can not live here. I must mourn and then move on. I have a lot of things to do still. I can not remove myself from life, cannot focus on the missing. I have to focus on what I take from them, what importance I learned, what lessons and enjoyment from knowing them and carry that forward on my journey with God. That is what I must do. That is my calling. Their journey alongside me is finished but my journey remains. And I have an amazing heavenly Father who is always with me on this journey. We are never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever alone.