Positive Vibes Are Not Enough

Tons of people have feel good messages. Positive vibes. Positive thinking. Feel good emotions. Happy thoughts. Calm vibrations.

That is nice sometimes for an emotional boost but is not enough. It has to go deeper. It just has to. It is physics… the dark world surrounding us is heavier and bigger than all that emotional hype. It is stronger. So we have to go deeper to be stronger than what is all around us. Simple math. (The old math not the new nonsense math to make our kids stupid, but I digress.)

We need Jesus’ resurrection power from the Father via the Holy Spirit.

Nothing is deeper than the God of the universe injecting His power, wisdom, love, confidence/faith, hope, etc. into us. And no force anywhere in the entire universe is greater than that.

So encouragement is nice but is insufficient unless dripping with the Holy Spirit. We need God. Bottom line. And we need Him desperately and eternally.❤❤❤

I Don’t Need That

For some time now, God has been telling me I just need Him and simple is better (my paraphrase). “I don’t need that” has become my new motto. I am using it with tech, with extras, with luxuries, with new clothes, with tech and social media subscriptions, with selfies, with a myriad of distractions. I just don’t need it. I need time with God, family nurturing, time to serve, time to be available. This is what I need. Other stuff, not so much. ❤

Slammed Down

I have a friend in a relationship for years with children who just found out he had been cheating on her. Now he’s gone and she is scrapping to care for herself and her kids and he’s living large and happy with his new victim until something better comes along. Herein lies a warning. This is not an uncommon story. Most of us have lived it at some point to some degree. God instructs us in His Word not to limit us but to protect us. If you wait to have sex until you are married, this pain can still happen to you and does for some, but it is less likely than when no commitment is in place. But apart from a commitment in place, another key element to any healthy relationship with each other is strong relationship first with God. When you come into a relationship needing something, you will end up needing more because relationships take, they require energy. When you are content and have peace and joy in life with a healthy relationship with God, you can come together with someone else of like faith and wholeness and then you have something. As long as the first priority is God, the relationship will thrive. If He is not, it is a craps game, a game of chance, luck of the draw. I would rather put my money on something sure. It is always a choice. We always have the power to choose yes or no. Whichever it is, really weigh pro’s and con’s. And all the requirements need to be there or it is no. It is not one of those balance sheets. It is all or say no and wait. Then you have exhibited wisdom. Foolishness goes in blindly based on feelings and needs. Wisdom goes it strong in the Lord knowing you must have someone strong in the Lord for it to be secure. No lies, no games. Honesty is vital. If any words do not match action, assume no word match action and walk away. Guard your precious heart, for the Holy Spirit lives there. Protect yourself and allow God to guide this huge decision. He will if you ask Him to.