Not the Most Important Person

I have never felt like I was the most important person in the room, provided there was at least one other person in the room. My upbringing at home and in the church and Christian school had everything to do with this. I was taught humility, which has become some strange invasive, old-fashioned, rude, archaic, self-loathing word now. When I was growing up it meant simply that you were humble. You thought more highly of others than yourself, even though you still loved and took care of yourself. Pride and subsequent narcissism is at some kind of all time high. People seem to rather bask in center-of-the-worlditis. They love thinking of themselves, adoring themselves, taking pictures of themselves constantly to prove to the world how gorgeous they are at every moment, demanding me time, do for me, I deserve this, all about me. Quite frankly, it is enough to make me want to throw up. I am so tired of this pervasive disease of me-ness. I exist so take care of me. I am pretty so pamper me. I am incredibly amazing so worship me even more than I do. Wow! Am I the only one who is tired of it? I see it everywhere, workplaces, churches, public places, with spouses in homes. And why does it bother me? Why care how much self worship and self love someone conveys? Here it is. I love people and I love the God who made us all. More and more, I love people who are introverted. As a natural extrovert, I honestly used to wonder why all people were not outgoing and foolishly thought that slowness to make a decision or answer was a form of weakness. Yes, really really stupid, I admit I was. As I have matured and shut my own mouth long enough to attend to people more and really see them, I observed that these patient introverted souls were some of the most strong and incredibly amazing people on the planet and most of them had this quality of being humble (at least outwardly). And I saw how the proud who “deserved” their own way pushed these gentle angels around, making them feel low and misunderstood and frustrated. And that infuriates me. It shows the foolishness and utter stupidity and ignorant crassness of the narcissist and their utter disregard for their Maker. Very little lights my fire faster than seeing a worthy soul pushed low by an ignorant jerk. I have no problem having some serious words with people for this high crime that often or most of the time to unpunished. I have seen spouses do this, seeming to marry someone to take care of them, my way or the highway, not caring about their spouses’ needs and desires. Love is a two way street, mutual respect, that sort of thing. I have seen this pride carried away in work places, where people care more about their own personal lives than the work they were hired to perform and little gets done. Frustrating for the employer, from experience. I have seen it in churches, where people want their way over God’s way and make decisions they prefer rather than what is right. It is rampant all over. Here is what we can do about it. 1. We can be good examples and stay humble ourselves. 2. We can call narcissists out on their behavior when we see them hurting someone. 3. We can pray because only God can initiate change in a person’s heart. 4. We can trip them as they catwalk by. No, that wouldn’t be right, scratch that. 4. We can try to love on them by not encouraging them to walk all over us. Sometimes a simple no is all that is needed. Meaning, we don’t encourage their detrimental prideful behavior. And 5. We can use their bad behavior as an example of what not to do, as in keep us from pitfalls of pride, because we are all susceptible to it at one or more points in our lives. We can stay humble and let God work but we don’t need to keep being beat down. It is hard on the soul and spirit. God can work. So can we. These are my thoughts on the matter. A d yes, I was kinder and more tame than I might have been on the topic because of the influence of my beautifully gentle introverted friends and family. Thank God for you!!


Refried Weirdos and Other Rants

Today, yet again, while driving I was cut off by someone texting or talking on the phone and the road was clear behind me. So, they obviously were thinking they were more important than me at least as they pushed in front of me, fighting for that spot when many other spots were free behind me. Half baked narcissists are everywhere, in politics, in grocery stores, definitely driving everywhere, in homes and in the press. They are even in churches! My rant is that the idea of yourself being the most important person in the world or even the room is as far from the mind of God than anything else I can think of and reveals a boldness of stupidity. I am never the most important person in the room. I do not want to be. The first will be last and the last first when this brief life is done. This is why I never understood so many churches wanting titles with “first” in it. Why aren’t there more “last” churches out there? Last Methodist Church, Last Catholic Church, Last Baptist Church, Last Assembly, etc. Seems to me, we should be setting some kind of example, shouldn’t we? The Bible says in the end times people will be lovers of self. So, this means we are pretty much in the end times. I hope for these center of the universe folk’s sake that it is a long drawn out end times to give them a chance to develop some much needed humility to stand before a holy and perfect (and huge) God. We will stand before Him and no one will be making Him wait while we finish our important conversations on our smart phones cutting people off on our way to our “First” churches.

Narcissism on Steroids

Am I the only one to notice how ridiculous the narcissism around us is getting? From the celebration of “selfies” to posting on twitter and Instagram fifty times a day, etc., it seems to be getting worse. I kid you not, at a department store, I waited in line about 4 minutes for the register attendant to get off her phone to help me. I sarcastically said “Sorry to bother you.” As natural as eating apple pie, she told me “that’s okay, she was done talking anyway.” People are sure lovers of self. When everyone is out for themselves, no wonder people think they can’t count on people. But I am called to “not think of myself more highly than I ought, but consider others more highly than myself.” Christ Himself, our ultimate example, considered Himself a servant of the Father and ultimately of all of us. If He thought so, He who created everything and who can save souls, than what makes us think we are what this life is about? I have to keep my pride in check if I am going to do this whole life thing right and worthy of the efforts put in place for my soul’s residence in heaven when this brief life ends. My goal cannot be to do whatever makes me happy because I fear that this short life would then be all the goodness I will ever know and be a part of. We are not guaranteed a day and the richest person in the world cannot buy more time. If I consider that daily, it helps motivate me to live worthy of a future in heaven and not a life of temporary wishes and desires. I would rather Christ catches me when He returns doing an act of service and love rather than an act of prideful ambition and self love 🙂