My Thought on Muslims

First off, I don’t believe we should ever just let anyone kill us. I believe people are brainwashed by their society and governmental leaders who wish you control them into the hate and condemnation and death religion of Islam in disguise as a religion of peace. Allah is actually a different god not the almighty in disguise who wants to destroy and uses hate and fear and intimidation to rule. However, and here it is, God made and loves dearly every single person of every single religion in the world. He lovingly made everyone on purpose. And God is loving and forgiving. In God, there is no condemnation at all for anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as Savior. I love all people and want everyone saved, just like God does. No one is without hope of complete forgiveness of sin, loving relationship with God, hope of secure eternal life in Heaven and choice. No one is without a choice in their heart. Ask Jesus if He is real to speak to you and He will in a dream or vision or through a person. He is real and loving and ready to love and forgive unconditionally and adopt you as sons and daughters. You and so very loved! This is true for everyone! ❤