A Gift From Busch Gardens Musicians Today

Sorry it looks sideways and it isn’t the best recording but it gives the flavor. These guys were great and everyone enjoyed them. It was fitting because we won’t be going again, today was the last day of our passes. What a beautiful day. Too busy, but the Christmas on Ice show was worth going and the music and show was worth the parking fee and wait for everything. Happy we went and now ready for bed! God bless us everyone! 😄❤

Christmas Music

More than any other joy-enriching exercise is music. I am listening now to A Clampton Christmas and feel joy in me grow. It makes me happy he is still good at and doing the music he loves. I love also the classics. No one on the planet could do White Christmas better than the dreamy rich Bing Crosby. So many classics of Christmas makes me so happy but moreso was our church singing Christmas hymns of old together, all worshipping our Jesus, whose birth is the reason Christmas is joyful and worth the celebration. So, listen to some good Jesus celebrating music today and tomorrow and have a joyful, very merry and blessed Christmas celebration, the best birthday party ever!!! I love you and more importantly, so does Jesus!!! XOXO😄❤🎁🎄