Praise and Worship is the Opposite of Murder

Really been thinking about murder lately. Heard a message today on Moody radio while driving to work and that pressed the issue.

Yes, of the 10 commandments, murder is one of those commandments we can usually breathe easy and feel confident and good that we kept it. But did we?

Jesus said that if you hate someone in your heart, you have already committed the crime. And it goes back to the fact 100% truth that God is in the business of heart, mind and motives. (This is why porn is so bad, by the way, already committed adultery when you engage in it, along with the idolatry and further marriage-breaking evil of it, but I digress.)

So, murder is really being extremely angry out of greed, jealousy, selfishness, pride, whatever. You are at that point saying that you are more important than who you are angry at, devaluing them and thus shaking a fist at God and His loving, purposeful design of another human being.

So I quite frankly had to ask for God’s forgiveness for murdering several people in my lifetime. And I would suggest searching your heart for such thoughts and repent of that line of thinking.

That all being said, the opposite of devaluing other people is praise and worship of God and encouraging other people. Telling God how great of a job He did creating people, His ultimate design; choosing to devote yourself to Him in appreciation; and encouraging other people to live up to their designed, beautiful potential from God are all ways to please God and live out His design. This is the opposite of putting one’s self above all of that in your mind.❤

Worth of Life

What is a life worth?  What is the life of a baby worth?  A woman?  A man?  To answer that question, many would ask first who we were talking about?  Had they committed a crime?  Were they wealthy?  Stupid questions.  What stirred this?  Why speak of the worth of life.  I guess it put me over the edge to see a picture of a girl who had been killed by Muslims for the crime of having been raped.  Perhaps it was this person on trial for performing hundreds of murders of born babies.  Perhaps it’s seeing so much bad news on tv and media that has me riled up.  I just needed to voice in my tiny voice as loudly as I can that LIFE MATTERS.  I understand evil is vamping up and creeping in- even to our sanctuaries and Christian hearts.  However, there is a limit to what a human being who has any kind of conscious of our Creator can take.  I cannot sit silent while people and babies scream for their lives around me without an ear to hear their pleas for life.  Who is so callous, so confused about the value of a human soul.  Who is so evil that can hear such unfairness and be unmoved about it.  I cannot.  I am a human being.  Every human being is precious, created by God for a special purpose and sent His only Son to earth to die on a cruel cross to save our souls.  If you choose to squander your soul’s time, it is your responsibility.  However, I must speak for those unable to and say that if you harm or kill an innocent person, you will be facing the God who made that person and you will not win that.  Think twice about what you do because some day we will all face our Creator and answer for our choices on this planet.  I believe that time is coming soon, so you better check yourself.