Motion is what we were built for. God made us to move. When we work in any way, we are validating our makeup and propogating health and balance. God even built within us the motivation to work and move, called endorphins that produce a natural high as a reward. We feel good doing what keeps us healthy. ❤

God is not Boring, Church

I want to announce to the world that God is not boring. I know for a fact that many people can believe He is by seeing some of these church buildings and church meetings. Some are aforementioned solemn you feel like confessing if you cough and feel like you will be excommunicated if your kid makes a noise. And grandiose, almost gaudy decorations all over and the smell of dust for the empty building through the week. I think churches have done church wrong for generations. The early church meetings were in people’s homes so money would go to those who need it and not opulent buildings. And people read from the Bible and worshipped and sang songs together. That part is good but not sure where in the Bible is the hour long boring sermon that reads a verse and then narcissistically prattle on for an additional 50 minutes. God is not boring. Or a narcissist. Or wasteful with money. Or quiet. What in nature is quiet? What in nature is boring? Nothing. Even when God designed His temple for the Jews, it had awesome things like nets and pomegranates and beasts and winged creatures all over it and ordered it to be colorful! He is a God of movement and color and noise and fun and life and beauty. Our church meetings should reflect that and perhaps we would wake everyone up and get them saved before He comes. Imagine that. ❤

Freedom of Moving Forward

Invaritably, you move forward. You might be driving or running or biking or barely stepping when you embark ahead, but inevitably there is a cessation from standing still. It might not even be your doing, but ahead you must go. And it is with great pleasure that I tell you with certainty that there is great hope in the next steps or leaps or whatever your ambition level moves you to. The hope is not a guarantee that the road is not wrought with difficulties. The hope is that the journey changes you. You are never who you were before this step and you can never go back. You can succeed. You can also fail but the hope is that you can choose for yourself which you will do. Freedom is hope. Never underestimate the power and intrinsic and quite ethereal beauty of a free choice. And God can walk with you if you choose or can walk above you if you rather but He is always with you to give help when needed. There is amazing hope in that. And hope also lies in the value of learning new things, forging new paths. Movement is hope, action and motion lead us on bravely and peacefully amidst any degree of chaos. Value and treasure that. It is valued by many who are denied such freedom. We are blessed. Live and move accordingly.

The Hypocracy of Judging Someone a Hypocrite

Everyone wears masks. Everyone on the planet has one face for private and one for public. To call someone a hypocrite is to judge them guilty of something they do. Even the very open and blatant of people have a private side they wish to keep to themselves that would not be popular with their friends circle. Everyone on earth is a hypocrite to some extent. Now when people say they don’t go to church because mhypocrites are there, they are saying they don’t go to church because people are there. He who judges says they are perfect. If they are perfect then, they don’t need to go to church, and if that is true, we should worship these people. The real thing they object to is not the hypocrisy, it is the label put on imperfect people. They are under the false assumption that all “Christians” claim perfection. And it is easy to see how they conclude that because as soon as a Christian starts to judge someone for their sins, they are saying they are perfect and sinless, and we all know that is ignorant and false. So my supposition is that people who do not go to church just really are looking to justify not going by choosing to pay more attention to idiots claiming perfection by going rather than obeying God who said to go. And saying to go to church was not an order to go to a fancy building but to meet with other believers and pray and sing and worship together for strength and unity and encouragement and growth. Nothing more. All else is a human construct. So, maybe if we really all stopped the nonsense and read the Bible and prayed together, we might actually all get it together and do some good. Many imperfect people working for God can accomplish a world of good whereas a handfull of judgmental segregationists only praise themselves and accomplish no good. Let’s call a tree a tree and truth, well let’s call that truth. God and His Word stand for themselves and are very clear if you bother to read it yourself. That would be a great movement across America and the world, wouldn’t it? The “Get Real and Read the Bible” movement. Wow.

The Love Train

This concept, I produced to my overactive brain by a good friend, has been entertaining me all day. There is a truth to love and life that it is a moving force, maybe some breathing moments during brief stops or during malfunctions, but that the train is up again in no time, running, moving forward. Watching a horrible movie recently about such a train that is in perpetual motion gave me the idea. It continues on, may loop back on itself but keeps running. You cannot exert enough force to stop the train. You are powerless. You can only ride the train. Love moves forward. Life moves forward. There is a continuation of these things that cannot be ceased. Motion, movement, nature is wild with them! There is rhythm, body, life to all of life. Everything can be to aced back to God and He made things move. If you stand still on the quietest day, the wind blows, the birds fly, the worms dig under your feet, the ants forage, the water moves with the tides, the fish swim and jump, there is motion, movement. Things cannot help but move. Trains have windows where you can look back at what was left behind. You can take it with you for a time but eventually you have to let what cannot go on with the living go to rest and stop moving while what is alive continues on. The burden of that not in motion cannot be tolerated at the level of movement of the living. So what moves us in our hearts and souls is with us, still in motion with us wherever we go. We do not leave our hearts and souls, they are always with us, always in motion with us. Why we cannot stop loving who we love, being moved by who moves us, moving toward greater togetherness, greater union. It is impossible to deter. Unless you ask the Conductor. The Conductor commands the train. He can help compartmentalize and help catch the tears that flow upon the loss. Or He can encourage the tightness of the bond and reunite those who started separate but should have been together. The thing is there is hope either way. But the Conductor knows which you need.