Sitting There

Never bench yourself.

Get in the game, do not sit on the sidelines.

A game is much more fun played.

Even against a team 32 times your size.

It is still better to play.

Even if your team is horribly messed up or doesn’t show up half the time.

God wants you to trust in Him and do what you can.

Because whether it looks like it or not, the truth is that with God, anything and everything is possible.

Activity Motivator

Those who sit or stare at their computers, “smart” phones, televisions, movie screens, etc. are way more likely to be unhealthy in every way. They are out of balance. And it gets worse the longer and more time devoted to doing too much mentally distracting (though not stimulating to intelligent, independent thought) but nothing physically. So the answer to remain balanced and healthy is to minimize mindless entertainment and physical lethargy and get up and move and serve and focus on God and others. Then everyone wins and you don’t die prematurely. Yay!😄❤

My Weight Loss and Why it Means Something Different for Me

So, I have lost 16 pounds now. It used to be that I lost weight to please people and look good. All that is out the window. I have matured and healed so much in my mind that weight loss means so much more to me than it did. It was superficial before and probably why it never stuck and I would yo-yo in weight. It was shallow, the wrong reasons before. Now, it is a spiritual stewardship. I want to lose weight and am because I want to please God, want to have the health, vigor and energy He gave me to do the work He gave me to do. And it is working. He sees my heart and is helping and blessing me. This will be lasting because of my respect for and relationship with Jesus. And that is all I have to say about that. 😄❤

Meeting Goals

So, two days gone and 20 CEU hours accomplished. My goal is ambitious but doable. Tomorrow, I will fulfill the last 10 hours and renew my license in time to see my patients Monday. So, I am motivated to accomplish my goal. 

Thinking about that a bit, I realized that goals are really easy to accomplish if you set the goal realistically and have the proper motivation to do it. It has to mean something to you. It has to be realistic. That being said, all that is the easy way which does not grow you as a person of faith. I can do this of my own power no problem. Big whoop. To grow faith, you live close to the Lord and motivate yourself trying to please Him. Then your goal is whatever He puts on your heart and mind to do and then He gives you the power to do it. It may or may not be realistic but my favorite verse is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”❤

Motivation to Forgive

Because of my deep respect for God and His Word, it is a very strong motivation to me to forgive everyone because of one thing God said. He said we will be forgiven AS WE FORGIVE OTHERS. So if I don’t forgive people, I will not be forgiven. It is my choice, you see. It is yours as well. I can choose to be forgiven for my sins/wrongs/mistakes by humbling myself enough to forgive people who have hurt me. I have to choose to forgive them even if they are not sorry, have not asked forgiveness, are still jerks, are still hurting me. (I don’t have to stay there and be abused but I have to forgive.)  And I have to forgive myself too. And that is a tough teaching for a ton of people because it requires us to lay down our pride, our rights, fairness, hatred, grudges, lots of things. It has to be a conscientious decision. It is. Forgiveness brings healing, freedom, lifts burdens off, yields peace, promotes joy, on and on. God always makes it worth the obedience when He asks us to do something. Always. Praise God. ❤