Blessing of Motion 

It is beautiful to move. 3 miles this morning. About a mile pushing the mower lol. More walking at the park with my daughter later in and a good swim. I am happy to be motile and am thankful God has made us healthy and movable. How boring would it be to stay in the same spot all day? How thankful I am just to be able to move around and exercise. We must count our blessings. There is a good one… motion. ☺❤

The Love Train

This concept, I produced to my overactive brain by a good friend, has been entertaining me all day. There is a truth to love and life that it is a moving force, maybe some breathing moments during brief stops or during malfunctions, but that the train is up again in no time, running, moving forward. Watching a horrible movie recently about such a train that is in perpetual motion gave me the idea. It continues on, may loop back on itself but keeps running. You cannot exert enough force to stop the train. You are powerless. You can only ride the train. Love moves forward. Life moves forward. There is a continuation of these things that cannot be ceased. Motion, movement, nature is wild with them! There is rhythm, body, life to all of life. Everything can be to aced back to God and He made things move. If you stand still on the quietest day, the wind blows, the birds fly, the worms dig under your feet, the ants forage, the water moves with the tides, the fish swim and jump, there is motion, movement. Things cannot help but move. Trains have windows where you can look back at what was left behind. You can take it with you for a time but eventually you have to let what cannot go on with the living go to rest and stop moving while what is alive continues on. The burden of that not in motion cannot be tolerated at the level of movement of the living. So what moves us in our hearts and souls is with us, still in motion with us wherever we go. We do not leave our hearts and souls, they are always with us, always in motion with us. Why we cannot stop loving who we love, being moved by who moves us, moving toward greater togetherness, greater union. It is impossible to deter. Unless you ask the Conductor. The Conductor commands the train. He can help compartmentalize and help catch the tears that flow upon the loss. Or He can encourage the tightness of the bond and reunite those who started separate but should have been together. The thing is there is hope either way. But the Conductor knows which you need.