Window into Motherhood

A window into Motherhood is close to a glimpse into the unconditional love of God for us. If you peaked into the window of motherhood, you would see a woman praying her child is healthy and safe and humble throughout life so they stay in close relationship to God, who never leaves or forsakes. You would see a woman forgiving her child for every offense and longing to give that child the very best life has to offer, such as peace, joy, love, laughter, all the fruits of the Spirit. A Godly mother wants a Godly child to grow up into a Godly parent with eternal life in heaven. A good parent wants what is best for her child. And God blessed prayers and effort to those ends. So keep praying, beautiful mommas. Keep appreciating your beautiful momma. And if motherhood is a future hope, keep praying and preparing for such an amazing responsibility, which will happen in God’s perfect timing, as things always do. Blessed momma’s day to you all!❤

Happy Mother’s Day

A lot of women get really psyched up about Mother’s Day. At the risk of becoming very unpopular, I am not one. Every day I am a mother, every day I am proud of my babies, every day I honor my mom. It is another day. Many argue with that. I think if you save up all your honor and respect for one day, you are doing it wrong. And likewise, every day fathers should be honored and respected. Case in point: the Barbie cartoon series is no longer allowed in this house because they have the man coming across as majorly effeminate and the kids is smarter than them all. It is a complete reversal of Biblical values and kids are being brainwashed into thinking this is fact. So it is banned and so is every other show that pushes the same agenda. Watch what your kids are watching. Anyway, happy mother’s day to you who celebrate it and may your joy be complete every day at the site of your children and evidence of their love for God. Be blessed every day!❤

To Grandma On Mother’s Day

I have been thinking of my Grandmothers lately. And what better day to celebrate these amazing and completely different people who would never have been in the same sentence except for the fact that their kids fell in love and I tied them together. Both are enjoying themselves in heaven right now so they are together for another reason now. Grandma Metzler, my mom’s mom, was a missionary nurse, originally from Texas who loved God first before anything and never stopped (when she could) working and keeping up with people and praying and came to my events at school and church and told stories and sang and loved life. Grandma Batterson, my dad’s mom, was a housewife, sometimes a donut shop manager in long time past, a farmer’s wife who was cleaner and quieter than the stillest June day, cooked like a champion, loved visits but said little during them, made the best coffee I ever had and always had it perkillating and never missed church or choir (although I don’t know anyone who knew what she sang like she was so quiet about it). One house was loud, one was still. One grandma taught me faith, one grandma taught me function. Both taught me love. One thrived, one survived their upbringings, as diverse as night and day but both perfect in their lessons and truthful in their applications. Strong, strong women are my heritage. Beautiful they were too and they taught me poise and impression and manners and play. One home I played inside because it was city, one home I played outside because it was country. Both I played. And I love love love my Grandmas. I learned so much from them both and would not be who I am without their prayers and influence in my life and so much time with them. So, to my Grandmas, and my Mom and Aunt Rosie (I need you) and Aunt Joyce and Aunt Barb, I thank you for your love and influence and care of me in particular and so many others you touch. And to every other mother or mother figure out there, I applaud you for making a difference and appreciate your efforts as so many do who may not understand your need to hear it. It matters a lot. It matters a lot. It matters a lot.