The Importance of God & Morality on a Society

There is a nature to the universe, an order of things, a balance of things. God is the Creator. This is true and factual and cannot be unproven by anyone living or historical. It has been tried. The closest “scientists” have been able to come to disproving God is to claim “evolution” as their chosen religion of origination. They choose to put their faith in the unproven hypothesis (it is not a theory, despite what they say because a theory can be tested and proven) of evolution rather than the more rational presence of Creator God. Why? Why, when it takes more faith to believe order came from disorder and development came from mutations (which 99.95% of the time kill the host or leave it sterile). Well, because God has an enemy and this enemy uses dimwitted puppets to accomplish his goal of taking as many souls to hell with him as possible. Why so blunt? Because I am a Doctor. I have had science classes and research until the cows came home several times. And I am an observer of humanity and our environment. There is no possible way on earth that all this splendor and complexity came from a series of accidental mutations (again, which 99.95% of the time kill the host or render it sterile). It is impossible, not simply implausible. And they teach this garbage to children in school as a fact. Why? They (the enemy and his puppets) don’t want a God to be responsible to. They want to worship themselves and do whatever they want to do. So children are taught not that they are created on purpose for a purpose and a higher goal, but they they are the successors of accidental mutations and degenerated animals. Then they (the enemy and his puppets) take away the 10 Commandments (two of which are “Do not steal” and “Do not kill” and they wonder why kids are stealing and killing. Really? Is this a trick question? They (the enemy and his puppets) want us to kill as many of these children as possible before they have a chance to choose their eternal future and so abortion/murdering children is allowed. Why do children matter either if there is no God? Well, they don’t really matter that much if there is no God, I suppose. However, there most certainly is a God, so each child matters. And each person who murders one of them will be punished for it, whether they believe in God or not. He exists whether He is believed or not, whether He is given His proper credit for creating everything or not. God’s existence and presence results in the decision that we need to behave in a manner He directs for our best benefit, which we find instructions on in His written Word the Bible. So, morality is a result of these directions. And when they are followed, we have no crime, love, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, joy, peace, etc., society would start looking like God, acting like God. Sounds too good to be true? Yep, because evil has gained so much ground on this earth. People would rather do whatever evil thing pops into their heads and look out for themselves. It is obvious this is happening. It is everywhere. People have chose to believe in themselves rather than their Maker. Again, this does not change the fact that He exists and we are indeed responsible and accountable for what we do here. Nonetheless, this is the importance of God and morality on society. Those who have eyes to see, let them see. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

The Christian Business Mind

On this blog only (unless God puts it on my heart again), I want to bring up a new topic… business. I think it is important to share because it is a very practical application of principles from God’s Word and I believe we are to make ourselves informed about how the world works so we are not duped or dragged into a decision that would hurt us. Also, I started and ran my own business (audiology clinic) and ran it for 4 years. First and foremost, all people, in business or otherwise, have the capacity to sin and lie and cheat. Many people out there fear the Lord or the law or were otherwise taught to obey the rules. Many, and a growing amount, now do not fear the Lord, believe the law to be complaisant or corrupt and do not follow the rules. So, if we carry that reality over to businesses, we can rightly assume certain things may be true. First, it may be that someone would lie to their customers/clients/patients to sell you something you don’t need or maybe even want. Secondly, it may be that an employee would fancy themselves poorly paid and attempt to gain information to use for themselves. Thirdly, it may be that an employer fires an employee who has worked for years there just to hire a new employee that does not require as much pay. It also may be that employers do not have rules in place concerning gossip and fraternization, etc. at work and much of those happen there. All of these things are very possible, so we must safeguard our identities and credit information to the best of our ability and smile but watch closely as we conduct any business. For Christ followers who run or conduct business, we can reverse these and produce our own rules of conduct for our business. It is very important as we follow Christ that we follow Him in business as well. We business owners have a great ability to impact a large group of people for Chris, helping a lot of people. So, we can have a no gossiping policy, do business fairly and with a smile, only show people what they need and charge fair prices for goods and services, screen and watch employees for theft and hold the responsible, treat employees fairly and with dignity. All these things will result in pleasing the Lord and will grow your business because God blesses faithful obedience in every aspect of our lives. And despite what people act like or believe, they still are drawn to and appreciate Christian qualities in a business.