Every Moment is a Choice

We may not acknowledge it’s importance and may be so distracted we downplay its value, but in crisis it is more obvious that this is true… every moment is a choice. Our choice. Every single moment we choose to life, be free, continue to breathe. Those seemingly automatic choices are only automatic when nothing is wrong. But in states of natural disasters, illnesses, abuse, devastation, it becomes much more apparent that these are indeed choices. It is likewise our choice to give God glory and honor in everything we do. Or not. These are purposeful choices every moment of our life. Every moment counts. This moment I am for God and truth. This moment also. This one too. Or… this moment I will do what I want, I want to escape in this drug, I want to watch porn in this moment. The choice is ours and important and will be counted and rewarded (either positively or negatively) for an eternity. Not claiming to have made a choice or saying it is not important is actually making ac choice to believe a lie, a moment of choice against Truth/God. God says our choices matter and we will be accountable for them. If we pretend/lie to ourselves that it doesn’t really matter or isn’t important or we have time later and blow it off, we call God a liar and that is not something I would recommend. God lays out Truth in His Word. It must be our choice to read it, humbly pray to Him and obey/make good choices every moment. It is time to live every moment on purpose and choose God. God is power and truth with love. He is very forgiving and full of grace. Apologize and start over with His help. Now is the time to make good choices for God. Life purposefully for you are without knowing it anyway. God/Truth is our focus and choice. Every moment on purpose it is the same. If you screw up, apologize and start again next moment. Practice makes perfect. ❤

A Lesson in Now

This moment is here now. Now, if we wait just a moment, almost, yes, now that moment is history and we are here in this moment now. So, what we do is good for each moment and is marked into history only through the passage of time. Seems menial and obvious, but if you think of it and reflect on this truth for a minute, it is clear that the now is what matters and the quality of it determines whether the history of this event that people will study and learn about reflects good decisions or bad ones. Once this moment passes, you lose the ability to determine the goodness of your historic decisions. You often can determine parts of your future with your decisions now. Therefore, it is imperative that we regard and concentrate on every moment as important and worthy of care and promise and action. We are not here to bide our time and lazily wander through this life, entertaining ourselves and existing mediocre lives. We are here to serve and converse, work and play, teach and care for. Every moment is an opportunity to work with God to be closer to Him and become closer to what He intended for you. Every day is a chance to prove your respect and honor and loyalty to your Creator as well and as extension your spouse and family members and so on. We Re each unique in the choices we make at a given time and He is able to help us make the decisions and play out the role we were designed to perform!