Everyone Screws Up

I screw up, you screw up, everyone screws up. It is called sin in the Bible… a mistake of disobedience, a work of pride, intentional or even inintentional. It is gonna happen, it may be happening now. But God has a plan through the redemptive blood of Jesus who died and arose for our sins. God loves us so much and knows we need constant forgiving, so gives us grace and pardon when we ask but we need to do the work of being humble and accepting His living, free gift and then making it right on our end. That is it. So simple. Then we are free of it and burdens are lifted away. It is simply beautiful! Praise God!😄❤


Mistakes happen. Sometimes they are poor choices, imbalance or improper technique, possibly with ignorance involved or mistraining or neglect. Or mistakes are sin, which means against God’s expectations laid out for us in the Bible. Innocent mistakes are the former and intentional mistakes are the latter. And if you keep making the innocent mistakes after learning they are wrong, they become the latter. So, mistakes are made. Then what? As soon as you can, stop making them. Just change your decisions to not include them the best you can, ask God to forgive you, forgive yourself, make it right the best you can and move on. Do better. That’s it. No worries. What comes after counts more.

On Screwing Up with a Good Heart

God blessed me with an enormous heart capable of great love and this indomitable spirit that has been tested many many times but has gotten stronger, all by God’s grace. But I still screw up. I blow it completely. I say the wrong thing, am way too transparent (because I wish everyone else would be), say too much when I should leave it alone, will fight for those I love dearly, even if they don’t want me too and I love people with extraordinary and difficult lives because I relate and understand. I come on too strong sometimes. So, my screwing up capabilities are enormous and very very real and present. But underneath, I have a heart of solid gold and intentions to love and uplift and help and heal because God loves me and fills my heart up so big. So I am sorry when I screw up. I never mean to, it is never intentional. But there it is. I am a firm believer that God sees and knows my heart, everyone’s in fact. And I am so very thankful for that. I keep trying to do better with people.

Fighting Ghosts

We all carry the burdens of bygone struggles. Every one of us has fought battles that got the better of us. And thankfully, those of us who figure that out can be saved from it by God through Jesus. But we, being human and unable to forget, carry some of these memories around with us as ghosts. They cannot be seen but can still be very real in our minds and feel very real in our hearts. It is these ghosts which can hinder us, block us from trusting people (which is not necessarily bad), steal our joy, remind us of past blemishes and thus wound our view of ourselves. How do you fight a ghost? How does one fight a spirit, a vapor, so ething that does not have physical form? The absolute only way is through prayer to God who is SuperSpirit. He operates everywhere, in the realm of the physical and the spiritual, in tat which can be wrestled in body or mind. That universality of Him is our only weapon, and He happens to love us and fight for us whenever we ask Him to. So the closest path to ending the torments of past mistakes that haunt us is prayer to God. That is it. Laughter and singing help too, as positive music is a very powerful to keep the mind free of distraction (but make sure it is positive). 

Oh The Many Mistakes I Can Make in A Day

If I were Dr. Seuss, I would write a book for grown ups entitled, “Oh The Many Mistakes I Can Make in A Day”. It would go something like this…

Oh the many mistakes I can make in a day
Carpet is dirty, house in disarray,
The water is boiling away on the stove
For I’ve only two arms to have and to hold.
The children have vanished and monkeys remain
And I am starting to hate someone calling my name.
One more bill auto paid, making me twitch
The neighbor comes over and is such a … Nice cat lady.
So, what can I do making mistakes right and left?
Throw in the towel on the pile with the rest?
Or maybe just take a badzoodler break
And wrap up my crazy with wafflaburg eggs?
Or perhaps there is something, a little to do
That won’t leave me playing a loony kazoo.
Perhaps my forefathers, who had it quite rough
Knew what they were doing with this praying stuff.
What’s the worst that could happen? Maybe you can say?
Well, I’ll take my chances and bow down and pray.

Just something I was thinking about tonight. Have a fabulous day, mistakes and all. Mistakes up to now in part, in mutual part with your successes, made you the uniquely strong person you are today, and so I am thankful for mine and yours too. We’re all in this together. 🙂