The Workings of a Sound Mind

Even in a dictatorship, the mind is free.

Even in deepest oppression, spirits can soar.

The mind is sound and it’s parts unique

And the draw to operate it can invent and create.

Even in solitude, the mind is free.

Even in abuse, the spirit can restore.

For God’s blessing to us is our brain

And our spirit is where His finds a home.

Meaningful Consistency

As a more (ahem) mature woman now, consistency means more than it ever did. I value consistent friendships, consistent temper, consistent time with God, consistent character, consistent devotion, etc. I was unsettled in my mind pretty much prior to this past Thursday, and now as my mind has settled, I do not want the crazy ride I used to enjoy. I want peace. I want consistency. I want to know that my close people are going to remain that way. I long to retain a close, consistent walk with Jesus. I want to be consistent in my parenting. Consistency has long since been my greatest weakness. “She is excellent but inconsistent” has plagued me and was the truth. My mind was restless so I was too. My mind has been calmed by God. (I am so grateful He keeps fine-tuning me.) As my mind is calm what used to bore me is now desired. I want to be consistent. First time I ever did. So here we go. I will need a lot of practice. Praise God!!! ❤❤❤

Clearing the Head

Today was a head clearing day. Most of it was mental. But for me, mental precedes everything else and tends to get the most cluttered. I have a conversation prepared if I ever speak with a particular person again. That is done. One less thing floating around my head. Also, I laid all my quilt blocks and planned exactly what needs to be done to get it together. That is checked off my mental cargo hold. I spent a lot of extra special time with Kathleen today, which she has needed and it had been weighing on me. That is checked off with a concerted effort to keep that up. Several other things were talked out with God on 3 mile walk this morning, so that was special and decluttered a bunch of little things. So declutter in my mind was my theme today. It was completely unintentional and I just realized it myself and feel unburdened so I know it was a gift from God. So I feel so very blessed. Praise God!!

Trying Something New

So, it is try something new day. The butler’s pantry (which is so funny because we just were putting in a pantry with a bar sink for coffee and the guy at Lowes said that was a “butler’s pantry” lol) is getting a marble tile backslash. It is the first time ever installing tile. We are doing this smaller area in practice for the slightly larger lol kitchen we are renovating next. And like everything else, to do something new is to expand your skill set and confidence and knowledge and feels good. Messy but good, like most good things. Lol. And as I am watching e videos how to do all this, it occurs to me that most people pay other people money to do something they have never done out of fear or ignorance or laziness when they could easily do it themselves if they simply did a little research and tried. And then I realized that everything is like that. I had never made a quilt but wanted to make a personalized one for each of my kids and just did it. And the first one was hard and the second was easier. How true that is of everything. Just do it! 🙂

Over- Thinkingitis

Often I suffer from over-thinkingitis, an illness of either great minds or insane ones, depending on the course of thought at that particular moment. It is my best friend or worst enemy, over-thinkingitis. My mind is triggered or reminded, depending, and goes hoggishly wild over that memory and what it could have meant, what it means now, what future is changed over it, why cats stare at you like that, and when to treat a child’s fever and when to let their body duke it out to build their immune system, with just a tad of I think I’ll add sage this time and see if that is better or worse. And it rages. My mind is ever growing, ever bending, ever searching. I became a doctor to follow my natural curiosity and would have done so anyway without a degree had I not first paid these people like a million dollars for the degree. I might have fifty doctorates right now if I had kept paying these people is how perpetual my train of thought is on many topics all the time. I don t speak of it most of the time because my psychologist mother will say I have ADHD, my friends would call me nuts, my teachers called me a brilliant dreamer, and my husband thinks I am an idiot for not being able to stay focused on one thing at a time. Trust me, you don’t want me to focus on just one thing. If I do, the rest of the world disappears completely until the job or thought is complete, regardless of time or hunger or thirst or anything. So, I am taking about it now because I am seeing more people with my brand of mind and over-thinkingitis. And I want you to know you are not alone. 🙂 And I want you to know that reading and studying and thinking about God’s Word is incredible therapy. Try it and you will see for yourself. 🙂 Love you!!