The Threat of Heaven

A story is told about the great preacher Dwight L. Moody, who once picked up a hitchhiker, as he had done so many times before. This particular time, however, the hitchhiker pulled out a gun and commanded that Mr. Moody pull over the car. Moody reportedly drove on peacefully. The gunman repeated his demand with the gun closer to Moody. Evidently, calmly Moody asked him, “Please, are you threatening me with Heaven?” I love that story and have no idea how it turned out, but it gives us a proper perspective on life, doesn’t it? “What can men do to me?” is another verse in the Bible. They can hurt us, damage our stuff, take our things, even mess with our lives, but they can never separate us from God and our salvation through Jesus Christ, the Messiah. No one but God can take what belongs to God and He loves us. In Him is our hope. Don’t look for hope or encouragement or happiness from this world. It is not something it can offer in any lasting, true and meaningful way. Our hope is in God and salvation through Jesus Christ, Yeshua, and it comes with an amazing eternity in Heaven with Him. I will rest in that. There is my peace, no matter the storm thundering around me.

Do the Best You Can

People are human and very changeable. Sometimes you can do everything right and they will still be mad and hate you. Sometimes you do everything wrong and you pretty much end up with the same results. Sometimes people just choose to sin against you constantly and there is nothing that can be done. Except. Except to realize that it is not you who they sin against. Sin is against God. I have to remind myself of that. My sins are against God. Sins against me are against God. You can not make someone be good when they don’t want to be. However, our accepting and internalizing their own rebellion against God is a sin of pride on our part. Think about our magnificent Messiah. He was wrong millions of times and yet committed no wrong back or even defended himself. Why? Because he realized full well that they were so king against God and were ignorant that He was God in flesh. “Forgive them, Father, for they don’t know what they are doing.” And we need to say the same thing our Lord said. Those in perpetual sin are under the willing acceptance of lie upon lie to make it okay. They out of ignorance and a choice to be ignorant of who they are really sinning against do not realize what they are doing. Or they don’t want to accept the truth that there is an eternal punishment for those that reject God. When we live our lives, we must be ever mindful of our own actions, which is enough to handle without playing mommy to another grownups actions. We are supposed to do the right thing, not sin against God to the best of our ability. Everyone is responsible for their own walk in life. We may need help or companionship but in the end, we have to do the best we can ourselves. We are responsible for the talents given us. We are responsible to serve and worship and teach and help. Why? It is against society at this moment socially in many ways, but this personal spiritual responsibility is the heart of God’s kingdom. We do not work for me but for the Lord. We serve Him. We must do that and not worry about what other people are doing.

When Tides Turn and Heaven Is

Evil seems robust these days. Satan is living wild his last years, trying so hard to take as many people to hell with him as possible when he goes. It will be ugly, he will take many. However, one day soon the tide, she will turn. This tide will turn about as polar opposite as possible. In fact, the tide will turn so hard so fast that it will all happen “in the blink of an eye”. And all of a sudden, we will be living in a world of light and not darkness, love and not hate, worship and not persecution. The world will applaud as Yeshua, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, ascends His rightful throne and the enemy and all He was able to fool and manipulate will be thrown out like the garbage they decided to be and their fun will be over and forever will begin. The tide will turn on all those who thought that any old way leads to heaven. The tide will turn on all those who decided to prosper on the heads of the low and bask in riches on the heads of the poor. Those who decided that bullying to get what they wanted and those who turned other foolish prideful thoughts into actions will be the lowly pathetic ones. As I heard recently, ” If I am wrong, I have wasted my life but if you are wrong, you have wasted eternity”, it will be so. The humbled Christ followers, those who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior, their Messiah, will be save and spend forever with God their Creator in heaven forever. Those who don’t, won’t and it is just that simple. The wars will end. Can you even imagine that? Love will lead us! Can you fathom it? Streets of pure gold, doors of one humongous gem and precious stone each. Can you see it? Worship from sun up to sun down with no actual sun and no night. Wow! Are you seeing this? No murder, no abortions, no pain, no tears, no bullying, no politicians at all, no envy, no hate. I am going to lose my mind thinking of this! I can not imagine who would not want to be in this place!! I started this blog with retribution in mind d for perverted and overpowering government ruling the people to gain power and force evil ideals upon us for their own evil purposes, those who bully and manipulate to get what they want, those who would murder a human being because it is inconvenience t for them to be there, those who punish and blame others for their sins and those who lead others astray. And I in anger want to say that these people will get theirs sooner than they think because vengeance is God’s and He will repay. But when I started speaking of heaven, the glorious land of God our glorious Creator, I can only be joyful and gleefully distracted and become really sad for those poor stupid souls who would choose on purpose a lie that leads to temporary pleasure and perceived power but forever later in hell rather than to go to heaven forever where evil will not be. Good wins. Choose good, choose God. Win with us! You will have peace on earth as a follower of our Messiah Yeshua, Jesus Christ and peace forever more! Wow!

Our Jewish Family

As a follower of the way of the Messiah, I have a strong love for the people of Israel. My Bible tells me so much of their history, it is difficult to not fall in love with these courageous people. I even love their stubbornness, because if that were not there I would have no hope, so even that has saved all who are not Jewish and who follow their Messiah, who is now our Messiah also, as their Messiah has adopted us into the Jewish family. We are all saved through these beautiful people and I love them. And of all my friends who are Jews have such amazing minds, either artistic, mathematical, scientific, theatrical, and all those things impress me. We as Americans should continue to support our Jewish family because the Bible states that whoever supports Israel will be successful, if for no reason. Our country will prosper as a result of our stand for them, God’s chosen people, so He promises and He never forsakes a promise and history proves its validity. Plus, as Christians, followers of the way of Love, we are family and family protects family. Also, as the daughter of a Marine, the terrorists hate Israel and attack them so for that reason we should love them and fight against terror on all fronts. Mutual enemies bond us and we should unite against them. Israel must be supported and they will be. Better their help come from us and we reap the benefits than someone else comes and they do. Purely fiscally, it makes sense. Morally, it makes sense. Spiritually, it makes sense. We must stand with Israel.

Five Seconds From Upside Down

Never be fooled into believing nothing will happen or change or if it will, that it will do so only after giving you a heads up. One day, my friend was fine after a routing physical, the next day she was told results of that routine blood work that started the evaluation and determination for cancer and her life was changed forever. One day I was a career woman with an only son and remarried and shortly after we discovered I was pregnant and our lives changed forever. One day my parents moved down to live close to us and all was well. Then, three days later dad had a massive stroke and two months later mom follows with a broken hip. Our lives have not been the same since. What I am saying is not to fear and worry and look suspiciously at life. Want I am saying from one keenly in touch with surprise occurrences, is that sometimes there are surprise occurrences. And the way this world is heading in these widely anticipated end times, they are far more certain than what we know of right now. And my word for such expectancies is peace. My gift to you when uncertainty hits you between the eyes is that our security does not lie with plush cushions and cuddling under the stars or coffee and newspaper at breakfast with slippers and a robe. Our security does not lie with security systems, a stash of food, armor or Rottweiler’s. Our security is much more valuable and secure than that. Our security is found with the Maker of us all and designer and coordinator of the complex system of sustained life we recognize as the universe. If He is for us, no one can be against us. And the Bible states clearly that He is for all who trust in Him for salvation. We are just passing through in this body shell. We have a short and undetermined amount of time here to verify we accept the sacrifice of the Messiah Jesus Christ and then we are relocated after that to our eternal destination of heaven in closer community with God and those who believe as we do. Wide is the path that leads where you don’t want to go and narrow is the path to life eternally. The Bible is quite clear on that point. It also shows that all this is seen as nonsense and craziness to those who reject His truth. So my security and peace and joy is not dependent on what happens to me ever, no matter what it is. To think so is very short sighted and distracted. My peace and joy and security come because the all powerful God of heaven’s armies is my adoptive Father. What other than Him would I possibly fear? What on His green earth should surprise me or shake me from my foundation of truth? Nothing can happen without His okay, so if He allows it, it is for a reason that serve a greater purpose than my comfort. My goal is not to be comfortable, it is to pass the test and get the heck out of here when my time of testing and service is completed. We live such comfortable lives. Most of us know no real suffering. Some live with it , but most don’t and they like to think polish and goal and cozy is how life should be. However, we are never ever called to live on a break. We are called to serve, to do, to move, to help. We are given peace and joy when we do these things out of love because of our thankfulness for salvation. God wants everyone to be saved. We really need to get busy toward that goal. My thoughts of the night to remind us all to think. I needed this word tonight. Praise God!