Never Forget the Bad

The wounds you bore, the mistakes you made, the pain you survived, every tear cried, never forget. But remember for the right reasons. Remember that the enemy and bad choices made all those things but God has healed them all or is in the process of it as soon as you humbly ask Him to. Remember where you have been in order to bring glory to God for getting you through and saving your soul for eternity from such devastation. Never forget what God has brought you through. Forget to glorify God and forgive it all, even yourself, and then deny these things power over your present, learning that God’s salvation and life is far greater for you and for eternity. I am proud of where I have been because praise God He got me through them wiser and humbler. Our history needs to be reflected on sometimes not to go back or grow bitter but to forgive and realize what God brought us through and never to go back to it. Forgetting or drowning the past in distractions or drugs/addictions of choice prevent the full lesson. Sometimes greater than the pain of that time is the longer drawn out pain of remaining there and not allowing God to heal you and complete the leason. People believe the lie that it will hurt more but the truth is that God frees completely. ❤

Reminders of Mothers Past

My Grandmothers were extraordinary, wise women who blessed my life richly with cooking strategies, sage advice, medical treatments and concepts, parenting thoughts, rich prayer life, church attendance, etc. They were amazing Godly women who loved and supported their family, which of course consisted of anyone who needed love. And I wish to emulate them in any small way and who I am is largely because of them. And here is my tribute to them and my shout of love to them in heaven. I love you, Grandma Batterson. I love you, Grandma Metzler. I love you, Great Grandma Harshman. Thank you so much!❤