Thoughts & Remembrances with a Glance

I saw my estranged band brother/friend Wil go by in his truck the other day. It was a beep beep and head nods and a momentary glance. This man is a band brother, loved, accepted as family with open loving arms. And he married a horrible jealous female who won’t let him associate with any of us or play anymore or even speak. An eight year close friendship instantly flushed down the pooper with one bad decision and we haven’t seen him for a year now. And we get a beep beep and head nods and disappear again. What makes men go down this road? Playing in the bands obviously made him very happy and he loved being part of the family, ate with us, gigged with us, carpooled, long conversations with the family, etc. And what makes insecure and immature females so jealous and dictatorial? Do they believe a man loves them less if he loves his family too? How foolish the thought. And controlling a person is impossible, no matter how tight the noose you put on them. What fools! He willingly gave up his freedom and she willingly demanded it. Very foolish pair. And we love him still, foolish decision and all. It was good to see him however briefly and know she hasn’t killed him yet. The roads we walk are forever winding and twisting. They come and go, even in a span of a foot of moving forward. And we have to cling to God and who we have left and of course family and just love that much more. When the circle tightens, each remaining member is that much more important. And of course those we love that wander off are always family and always welcome home. We love you, Wil. ❤

Far Off Familiarity

When one’s world is changed dynamically, there is a new strangeness to things once mundane. Everything looks different, has a different flavor, it is changed forever. Once you then grow used to this new world you live in and there is a new normal and you see in passing someone that was once prominent in the old world, it is weird. It is like being transformed into a new mesh of the new and old. I do not know what to make of it so I will just let it go and allow God to lead me His way. I walk with Him, so anything now must gel with Him. He is the deciding factor. So… I feel weird but I still praise God! ❤ ❤ ❤