Guide Your Contemplation

I detest the idea of trancendental meditation, the idea of clearing your mind or focusing intention on ourselves. I was never comfortable with it, even when I tried it many years ago. Now, in my maturity as a Christian, I detest it. I believe we think way too much about ourselves as it is and that when we empty our mind, any fool can walk in and make a home there. Maybe I am the only one, but if I do not have a focus actively, intentionally on Yahweh, Almighty God, I am easily tempted to dwell on things I should not or even worse, myself. It is much wiser to contemplate God intentionally, to ponder His Word, written and living. We must constantly “take every thought captive” for the sake of Christ we serve and represent. ❤

Why I Have Become Anti-Meditation

I used to like the idea of meditation, calming your mind, freeing your thoughts from the calamity around. And I realized one day (or God showed me one day, rather) that it doesn’t work that way and is really quite narcissistic and ego – inflating truly. And momentary calm and a temporary ego boost/pep talk is a poor substitute for inner peace only God n provides. So instead of meditation, and far more meaningful and beautiful, I pray and fast and read the Bible. And I find this dosage of truth and God – mindedness is truly rewarding and peace-giving. And peace is always there with me now, even in calamity. I can weather any storm with God. When I focus on Him, everything is as it should be and wonderful. When I focus on me, I get back a weak, flawed albeit really nice lol person. I choose God. Meditation is distraction and a negative one. I would rather study the truth of the Bible. Far more beneficial and proper.❤

Noticing Little Things

Naturally a big picture person, I see the whole automatically and only very selectively see the details. But when I get out in nature, it is a purposeful act of worship to intentionally see the details, try to notice everything. It is in purpose and requires all my concentration. As such it is like a meditational therapy and also worship. Each detail makes me appreciate God more. Every detail is perfect, pure, beautiful, glorious. And the big picture, that God made it all perfectly in harmony on purpose with love. ❤

A Good Meditation

God is good. Only in staying close to God do I resemble goodness. 

God is love. Only in staying close to God do I stay loving. 

God is light. Only in staying close to God do I shine. 

God is wise. Only in staying close to God can I convey wisdom. 

Relationship to God is my priority. God, keep me close to You.❤❤❤

Rolling and Tumbling

There is a song with that name that my husband likes that I can never remember how it goes, but it is a very appropriate title for me right now. A lot of things are here banging me around, as is true of most of us these days. Some days are mental challenges for us, a few are physical ones, but all are full of ups and downs of various sorts and to various degrees. It is unnerving if we start believing the lie that we are all alone going through it. We are not. We have a caring Heavenly Father who has a lot of clout and a lot of love for us and is with us every time we humbly ask Him to be. Every single time. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Sometimes we ask without really the humble part. Sometimes we can focus on ourselves and our feelings, too much self focus, and we lose the focus on God that we need to have. When we start just focusing on one attribute of God that we appreciate and thank Him for it, praise Him for it, worship Him for it, read about it in His Word, etc., then we are meditating on Him. He blesses that. He also removes the negative thinking we were stuck in and lifts our view. Then when rumbles and tumbles come into our life, we are on God’s even keel. We can have His peace as comfort and His companionship as encouragement.