My Life Away from Social Media

People take for granted I am as hooked on Facebook etc as they are. I have been anti-social media sober for 1.5 years now. I do not ever regret it. I have peace and joy in my life and benefit extensively with human interaction with my family. I have time to do everything I need to do. I look people in the eye and have time for a face to face conversation. It is beautiful.

People seem horrified when they learn I am not on anti-social media, wondering how I survive. This makes me smile but I do not judge, I was there at one point. I just know that not one ounce of me misses it or longs for it again. My life personally is richer without it. The biggest bonus is that God has His proper place in my life and my Bible reading is an actual Bible and not FB posts. Lol ❤


It is amazing how many people talk about truth and are either against God or won’t mention Him. God is truth, the pure unchanging truth. Apart from a discussion with Him in it, there is no absolute truth, only relative truth. And as soon as truth becomes relative, it is no longer real truth but your perception of truth and/or how you wish to see or apply truth as you see it to your life view. As I worked toward my doctorate, I was accosted with a myriad of “truths” that seemed different for every person and that changed like people changed their socks and that I was supposed to follow blindly like riding a bizarre wave. And thank God my parents taught me to think for myself and gave me a Bible for reference of absolute, unchanging, loving, unwavering truth. Had I not that basis, I would have, like apparently many blind souls, been adrift in the ever changing tidings of relative truths I was attacked with. And everyone studying for a degree has the same sludge to wade through and everyone watching the mass media and hearing so much going on out there designed to divide for political purposes. We have the truth in the Bible. How do I know it is really true? Because for writings so old and comprehensive to be historically and archeologically proven historically and prophetically correct 100% of the time is absolutely impossible were it not truth and from a supernatural and powerful God. It is absolutely trustworthy and absolute truth. So as nothing else in the world has lived up to such scrutiny while retaining its accuracy and power and proof of truth, I would rather put my faith in it rather than someone’s shifting relative “truth” that is based on agendas or justifying their behavior or sheer nonsense, who knows. Give me concrete, absolute truth every time. There is such comfort in it! Such hope! 🙂