My Quilt’s Journey

I hand sew. I have tried to use a machine but to me, it lacks flavor, meaning, passion. I want to place each stich carefully where I want it to go. I want it customized and full of love and meaning. Every inch of fabric and thread, I want to touch and be a part of positioning and stitching exactly where it should be. And that meaningful intention produces a quilt with a purpose, a journey to its home, a story, a love thing. I make quilts and any of my art with the exact same passion and drive I live my life. I want it to be purposeful, time consuming on purpose, tell a story, be a visual representation of what God made. I want to exude love, scream out that this was on purpose. I took my time and valued it. That, my friend, is exquisitely beautiful. 

Living on Purpose

We make a lot of choices in this life. We choose to bathe or not. We choose to be productive citizens or not. We choose to be responsible for our actions or not. We choose to be a good parent or not. We choose to be faithful or not. We choose to show love or not. A myriad of choices we make every day and often many times during the day. Often our choices seem to just happen without much thought. And that, my friend, is very dangerous. Every few minutes we are bombarded with opinions and distractions and coercions. Evey marketing ploy is a fresh and effective way to. Manipulate people into believing something. And if we are not thinking purposefully and purposefully making choices, the automatic ones may very well be horrible for you long term. Automatic man decisions can be based on something as temporary and downright idiotic as list with no thought to consequences. Automatic man may make decisions based on the get-more-for-me selfishness disease without determining whether that is affordable or beneficial. When we do not live and choose purposefully, we tend to live and choose foolishly. So purposeful contemplation are required. And those need to line up with truth of God’s Word in order to be perfect. Living on purpose without having a moral code built on truth ends up looking a lot like living without purpose really. It is quite important to temper thoughts with truth so the purposeful life may be meaningful and most beneficial. Something to think about.

Flirting with Pain in Marriage: A Cautionary Tale

The bond between man and wife is precious and flammable. It is beautiful and strong when fed and promoted and extremely fragile when certain triggers are pushed. You have to communicate your needs with your mate so they know what to do and what not to do and what will destroy that bond between you. The most common destroyer is a breakdown of trust, whether through lying, cheating, abuse, manipulations, pornography, deception, flirting with someone else, etc. It is important that we communicate and share these with our mate so we don’t assume they know how to keep us and thus keep us happy with them forever. However, there is an enemy that does not need to be told what will pull you apart. This spiritual but very real enemy knows exactly what both parties have done wrong and what might tempt them again along those lines in stronger ways over time to get to a breaking point in the marriage. This enemy was there when we messed up before and knows where we are prone to mess up again. So the moral is, be on your guard all the time and don’t fall for those lies again. Do not put yourself or your relationship in jeopardy for a clearing thing that only lures and tempts and then momentarily satisfies. Invest your time and resources into the lasting, real, tangible, wholesome, purposeful relationship of your life. Don’t ever exchange what is meaningful and lasting for a stupid temporary fantasy. Don’t give up your spouse for your fleeting passions. Become passionate for your spouse instead. That is what brings happiness, peace and contentment in life and God’s blessings. It is also best for you and your health and your children.

Superbowl Poor

As I sit here and write, millions of screaming fans are heard in the distance of an otherwise quiet evening and are playing the biggest football game of the year, the Superbowl. Am I disappointed that I am not watching it? Yes, yes I am. Why am I not watching? Because I am sick and my husband is sick and we are both too grumpy to be in the same room right now. Does that happen in a loving marriage? Yes, of course it does, because the two people now one flesh are still human flesh. Does that mean we don’t love each other? No, of course not. I would do anything for my family and love my husband very much. But sometimes in life, now hear me because this is a great life lesson, sometimes in life, it is better to miss something big and exciting and entertaining for something lasting. I said that sometimes in life it is better to miss something big and exciting and entertaining for something lasting. Instead of watching said game, I am working on our granddaughter’s quilt that I am lovingly stitching by hand so she knows we love her though we rarely see her. I think her psyche is pretty important and pretty lasting. I also believe that keeping myself from annoying my husband and visa versa, it is a pretty good investment in us to work on the quilt. There is more to life than temporary entertainment, even if it’s popular at the moment. Much more.


There are some precious memories we store up of childhood adventures and things and places that we will never get back but becomes a part of who we are nonetheless. At the time of childhood, these things are not given much thought usually and are passed over very casually in a hurry to get to the next thing or go to the next place, usually scheduled. Some such things are tiny, like certain toys you played with at your house or a good friend’s or relative’s house. Some are places, like a favorite park or creek you played in or at. Some are experiences, like stealing a roll of life savers and your dad taking you back in to the store for you to confess to the store manager. Some things slip by, but it is the little things that lay together to be the foundation of your soul, your security and basis for many of your views of life. Thinking about many of these little things has caused me to think about living more purposefully with my kids so I linger on those details and give them what they need to string together a strong base. I sometimes wrestle with this with my oldest because his father and I divorced when he was 4, so I wonder if I broke his foundation. But where there are little breaks and tears and maybe huge fissures in the foundation, I know from personal experience that God can step in and not heal but fill in all those fissures and fractures with Himself for a more glorious purpose. And where the Lord is, there is beauty. And where we live on purpose for the Lord, there is hope for our children to love Him as much as we do or more. So, the little things are not an end of themselves but a tool to help create diversity and from that diversity, God paints His kingdom mural. When we do the best to give our children meaningful childhoods, God is redecorating the world for its and His greater purposes.