A Life’s Meanderings and the Heart

A philosopher by nature, my explorations into the realm of meaning  and purpose in life, my thoughts walk across my memory. I wonder, as the transport ambulance drives off to the nursing home with my father, if his life’s meanderings met his expectations. And I wonder less about my own life’s meanderings be ause of this. I am certain that many experiences in my Daddy’s life he thought were mistakes or missteps. I wonder if he ever regretted extremely long hours worked. But every step he took, good or bad, right or wrong, made me possible, contributed to my existence and participation in life in such a way as to have my own meaning as an extension of his. Every hour of work kept us alive and housed and clothed and fed and schooled. Every choice I have made inevitably contributed to the existence and life of my children. My precious babies exist because of my life’s meanderings. So each chance we take in the realm of our best decision of the moment is truly purposeful when God gets a hold of it. Each bad decision can be made to be as useful by Him as any good one. We strive for perfection, we thrive on feeling useful and meaningful and worshipful. But even the bad can be turned into good by the God who still reshapes and creates. And the heart is a master representative of where God wants to send you. He appreciates access to it and forms good from it. If the focus is on Him who seeks the heart and truly gets and loves it, the focus is often enough. Then good or bad decisions can be useful and purposed for very good things. So maybe the choice meant well from a heart of focus on God, whether good or bad, can be the best one. Maybe we can leave perfect to the only One who is and we can draw our hearts to focus on Him and do the best we can. And this is truly beautiful.