Tragic Lives

I watched a documentary on two famous comedians who died way too young because they were longing for Jesus and tried to fill that longing with everything and anything but Him. Jesus is the answer. A relationship with our Maker is the key to eternal life and health. He satisfies permanently. It is an easy road to take, you just humbly pray and accept Him and keep drawing close to Him and focus on Him. Every life from conception is precious and intentional. Everyone matters so much. You matter so much. ❤

Benefits of Love

When you are loved:
1. You sleep better, knowing that someone cares.
2. You look and feel younger.
3. You are important to someone which is huge.
4. You have someone in your corner.
5. You have reasons to work hard and do your best other than yourself.
6. You take better care of yourself.
7. You have someone to take care of you and you can take care of them back.
8. You are not lonely anymore.
9. You have someone to share with: your day, your food, your thoughts, your umbrella, whatever.
10. You have a share of someone’s heart, which is the most valuable property in the universe.
11. You breathe easier and cleaner feeling that everything is fresher and richer.
12. You take fewer risks for the sake of the one who loves you.
13. You see everything in a more optimistic light so life is better.
14. You have someone to talk to and go to.
15. Life matters more.

Now the trick is to know that not only does or can someone special love you but that God, your Creator, loves you all the time no matter what you do or have done, without conditions or sanctions or negativity or lies. God loves you forever and always. So even if a human is missing out on the chance to love someone as beautiful as you, God never misses a chance to show His love for you and loves you every second, every breath, every smile, every tear. You are treasured by Him. And if you happen to have found someone who loves you too, that person was a gift from Him as well. If not yet, it will happen at the right time. And I love you too (because He loves me).