Being Yourself

Being yourself involves your Maker. He made you with certain gifts and traits. Never try to be more than you are, different than you are or less than you were designed to be or you will not have peace. Aceept your Maker’s perfection of design in you and bask in contentment of His wisdom in making you just as you are. And because He loves you so much, love yourself too, love Him back and love others. And that simple truth and working philosophy of life is the key to contentment and peace and beauty/glory in your life now and into eternity. God is most important. Then be yourself for Him.❤

All Thumbs

There is a reason for every person, a skill each one has that is God given and unique to your skill set. The person taking out the garbage is just as important as the leader of the group. God designed His church to be this way so we all work together to accomplish a much higher purpose. Lately, I have noticed many wanting to be the thumbs. What I mean by that is that the thumb is essential for so many things and has a very prominent role, is easily distinguished, knows its importance, insists on its importance. The thumb is proud. There seem to be glory seekers, people working more on building up their own kingdom rather than God’s kingdom. If we were all thumbs, we would accomplish nothing and each would be less important than they are trying to be. Our strength of character and who we are as humans depends not on what we do but on the strength of our knowledge and reliance and relationship with the Person who made us. Our identity must be based on who we are and were made to be and more importantly who our Maker is. What we do is a natural extension of that, one which stems from this workmanship. This is why all are important but God is most important. He knows what He is doing. So the skills you have should never be discarded as unimportant or u desirable. They are perfect for you and a great and important piece of the kingdom puzzle of functionality. Each person is vital because of the nature of the Maker and His view of your importance. And you are very, very important to Him.