Madness Ceases

Driving home from doing a consultation today, I passed many aggressive drivers, seemingly mad/bonkers/angry or on something and passed two accidents, which inconvenienced many. I yried to catch up on news and half of it was fake and the rest was bad. And I thought to myself, is the entire world mad now? Madness is everywhere. Serious turmoil you can feel is all around us on every side. But I have a secret. I want to tell you because I believe you would want to know. This secret is where I have found that madness ceases and peace and joy and love reign supreme and are not even touched by the madness. You ready for my secret, my fortress of solitude? It is somewhere you can carry with you. It is Jesus. His name is sweet to say and powerful to use. It is like a powerful sword that is really made of solidified honey. Speaking to God in prayer with Jesus’ name is my secret spot. No one can ever take it away, no one even knows you go there unless you tell them and absolutely anything may be discussed there, the throne of God, my Heavenly Father. That is it. My secret is now your secret. Madness ceases in God’s presence for He outguns it. Anger melts away, mourning hearts are comforted. He is coming soon and I am ready and want everyone to be ready. ❤ 


Christmas Madness

We love Christmas because we can celebrate Jesus’ birthday as a collective and that is beautiful. But I am not sure why this Christmas more than before has felt like madness. It is frustrating as all get out to go anywhere. People in cars cut you off, people cut in line and push and shove. And I am just getting groceries at the time! I believe that people are forgetting that Christmas is a peaceful celebration of Jesus’ birthday. That is what it is. Everything else is really unnecessary madness and distractions. Please remember this, and maybe simple is better? (And much less dangerous.)