Never Friendless

It is a shame whenever I hear of some people feeling alone or friendless. We never are alone and we are never friendless. That is a lie of the enemy. That is their M.O., what they do, all they do. Enemies lie because they want us dead or defeated otherwise. The truth of the matter is that anytime we humbly ask for it, we have a loving (and incredibly powerful) friend in Jesus Christ. God is always everywhere and with us always and will let us feel that when we humbly ask Him to and draw close to Him. He absolutely loves us and we are saved through Jesus’ sacrifice and nd resurrection. My daughter asked me to draw Jesus on the cross and I never will because He is not there. I serve a risen Lord. He is interceding on our behalf in heaven right now, on a throne in glory and power and love. We are still under His grace until He returns. Stay in His grace is my greatest advice. He is our friend. In fact, He us the greatest friend to those who are friendless, those alone, those suffering. His heart breaks and He is more present for them, more eager to be called upon and wanted. You are never alone or friendless. I am never alone or friendless. Reach out to Jesus. Hold on tight. If Jesus is andll you have, you have the best of anything or anyone you could ever possibly need or want. Jesus us the lover of my soul and my heart is full because of His love. Never friendless. Never alone. If you feel that way, it is your pride and the enemy’s lies you are fostering. Truth is this. You are never ever alone or friendless when you humbly pray to Jesus and draw close to Him. He is hoping you will. He died and rose to get that chance.

Things I Learned from Daddy’s Death

1. I heard so long that death was a transition from this life to eternity and heaven for believers. It is more than that. It is celebration of their freedom and happiness into closeness to Jesus while we are left behind to keep working toward getting there amidst hard times without them. Missing is a part of the struggle. While you want to just be happy for them, you also wish they were still there to talk to and love you and lean on. It is pretty lonely still for us left behind to do the work of loving. It is good and bad. That is not selfish, it is realistic.

2. Everything gains a new perspective. It changes you. Death is not some abstract element of life. It is beautiful as the person releases their body and goes to glory and as you watch that process, distractions waft away, unimportant things in that moment disappear, the sky is bluer, the birds’ song is more clear, there is focus on beauty and richness of color. When your special loved person dies, that moment holds all the focus of your being and nothing else matters. You are entirely in that moment. Every feeling is sharpened and crystal clear. You can hear them walk into heaven, you get a glimpse.

3. No matter how sudden or slow and drawn out the journey is to heaven, there is an enormity of emotion that transforms you into a different person. You will never be the same person you were before their passing. It matures you, ages you, allows you a special focus on what really matters in life. You lean away from drama and rather detest superficiality. You lean toward family and close friends. Some will be there, some will not, some you have driven crazy by your neurotic behavior up to the death and just after. A wise and good friend and family member will forgive you and reach out in time. Others never come back and you realize life is too short for u forgiveness.

4. Every moment becomes precious. Time is extraordinary valuable and important. What we do matters immensely. Decisions effect forever. Words matter exponentially. Pace slows. Tech decreases importance. Jesus comforts us when we cry and holds us, especially when no one else is around to do so. 

5. You want to hold everyone close to you. You long to go home and be with family. It is a deep desire that pours out of your skin.

Wisdom for Young Women from an Older Woman

When I was young, I needed guidance that I received from many various sources and many of them did not have the faintest idea what they were talking about, namely my peers. Blind leading the blind. Furthermore, the blind denied blindness. So, here are my words of wisdom that I hope will help you on your journey. First of all, trust God for everything but don’t trust anyone else too much. God will never let you down and will only allow trials in your life that will improve you in the long run. However, people let you down and lie to you quite frequently. Secondly, never get married until you have taken care of yourself for at least a year. You need to prove it to yourself for self esteem and awareness and figure out what you like while yours is the only opinion that matters. Also, you are responsible to take care of yourself and no one wants to take care of anyone who doesn’t contribute back for long. Thirdly, do not be too proud. It is the most vile thing and keeps you from maturing properly or learning things that will help you a lot. Everyone needs help and advice sometimes, just be certain of the motive of the individual giving it to you. Fourthly, learn about finances and costs for things. If you are given a quote on anything, like car repair or service or anything, look online for reasonable prices and hold to those so you are not taken advantage of. Your finances are your friend and you need to part with your money with hesitation. Live within your means and if you can only pay cash for everything to keep yourself within your means. Overspending is a horrible habit and can ruin your prospects for any level of success in your life. Better to do without than have fancy things but be out on the street. Fifthly, men will be attracted to you and lie to you and be really sweet, but unless they become committed to you and propose, they are hormone driven. If they can’t commit to you, you are just another booty and any booty will do for them if you don’t give them what they want. If they demand what you are hesitant or uncomfortable in your spirit with, let the dog go. Not worth it. Ever. Sixthly, you were made by God and are His valuable and precious daughter. There is nothing He makes that does not have great beauty and the potential for greatness. You are so precious to God and adopted to be His daughter, a princess of the God who made the universe. Never allow another human being to belittle you or make you feel less than you are. If they even start, turn around and do not accept that incredible foolishness. Know the truth and read it in your Bible daily to reinforce it and grow you in the Lord. Pray all the time and this will keep you focused and pure. It is invaluable! You are so loved!!

Blow Your Mind

My love language is time.  People whose love language is not time do not understand that.  Just as my son, whose love language is gifts, speaks a foreign tongue to me.  I give him gifts because I love him and force myself to, not because they mean anything to me other than that’s how he feels loved.  My daughter’s love language is touch.  She hugs and kisses me all day long.  Again, not my forte, so I have to make myself physically available to her for hugging.  My husband is good at giving me time, though his love language is acts of service.  So, I purposefully serve my husband because I love him and he purposefully makes time for me.  It works!  Why does any of this matter?  Why would it be important to another human soul? 

Here’s the kick- if you’re not speaking the correct love language to a person you are trying to reach for Christ or minister to or love, you might as well be speaking a lost Japanese dialect with a French accent.  To love someone, you have to study them and learn how they feel loved.  Without speaking their speak, your time’s wasted and theirs is as well.  They will not feel what you’re trying to convey. 

The beauty of God is that he knows everyone intimately and purposefully.  So, He can guide you in your quest.  But the truly beautiful thing is that He speaks proficiently in every love language.  He is a master of every tongue, because He loves the soul, the heart of the individual.  You are truly loved by God.  If no one on this planet that you have regular access to knows how to love you right… God does.  Give Him a chance to show you.  It will blow your mind.