My Weight Loss and Why it Means Something Different for Me

So, I have lost 16 pounds now. It used to be that I lost weight to please people and look good. All that is out the window. I have matured and healed so much in my mind that weight loss means so much more to me than it did. It was superficial before and probably why it never stuck and I would yo-yo in weight. It was shallow, the wrong reasons before. Now, it is a spiritual stewardship. I want to lose weight and am because I want to please God, want to have the health, vigor and energy He gave me to do the work He gave me to do. And it is working. He sees my heart and is helping and blessing me. This will be lasting because of my respect for and relationship with Jesus. And that is all I have to say about that. 😄❤

The Downside of Weight Loss

It has been great to see my body become healthier and less massful. It has been lovely to fit my clothes better and have more energy. Yes, these things are great. But a downside most don’t consider is having to buy new clothes because now I am starting to swim in them. This is very expensive. But I have found thrift stores are excellent, especially when you intend to continue thinning down and won’t be in that size for long either. I need to lose around 50 pounds total and am down 11, so I still have a ways to go. So thrift stores is my solution to my clothes situation. Thankfully, we have several good ones in my area. But the benefits outweigh the downside. I need to be healthy for whatever God gives me to do: my kids and husband and caretaking my mom, which is light duty now but will be more and more as time goes on, and my work. So, I will continue my Paleo nutrition lifestyle and continue toward my health goal, which has yet to leave me hungry or tired as “diets” have in the past. And I can maintain this because it is very natural and healthy.❤

Losing Weight the Weird Way

So, when I was sick last week, I lost 5 pounds just because I had no appetite. Then kept losing because my stomach had shrunk and I just wasn’t hungry. And it just keeps coming off. So here I am and now these pants I am wearing are falling down if I put anything in my pocket. So there you have it. Tons of exercise didn’t do it but an illness and just continuing to eat less did it. Fancy that. Well, God has a sense of humor and I love Him for that and so many other reasons. 😄❤

The Meaning is Deeper

The meaning is deeper, the colors more vivid

When gone through a loss truly disportionate.

The songs mean much more, the birds song is clear

And what you lost brings a sharp tear to your eye.

The clothes feel so different, familiar is odd

Thr whole day is longer and something’s just wrong.

Meaning is deeper, things change just that soon

And God will bring comfort, He changes hearts too.❤

When Passes the Day/One Humble Prayer

When passes the day into mysterious light,

When the cradle rocks it’s last glorious contentment,

When the rocking chair moved in time with its last rhythm,

When the motor turned its last round of pulleys and oil,

Then you appreciate those things that gave their all,

Then you remember how fondly they served.

And when the room quiets and fades to black

You realize those things are gone forever.

And it is just you and God, as it was from the start. 

And when God is all that remains, you appreciate Him

And finally realize you have everything you ever needed

With just one humble prayer.