Okay to Say No

There are times when it is not only okay to say “no” but very beneficial. Christ followers are notoriously guilted into doing more than our fair share because other people are disobedient. Those who do are asked to do more. Those that disobediently do not do get away with it. That seems to be the way. Ya know, it is very interesting to study human nature. It is alarmingly selfish when left to its own resources. No one really wants to do all the work. If given a choice, everyone would rather just do what they enjoy and never bother with making trips out to the church to clean or decorate or paint or whatever. Who enjoys spending their precious weekend doing more work for the church building? Who really wants to do lesson plans for Sunday School when they would rather be lazing about or playing or relaxing? Seriously, those who never volunteer for helping out at church are really very selfish because everyone is “busy” and yet some people find time to do most everything while they opt for selfishness disguised as good reasons/excuses. But I digress. Those of you doing more than your share while other laze about squandering service opportunities for the Lord, it is very acceptable and healthy to say “no” to further requests for assistance. When you give more than what God has gifted you for, you burn out. More than that, you can even hinder others from the opportunity to step up to the plate and do their fair share. Also, you lose your priorities. God never intended for a few to do all the work. God speaks against slothfulness and selfishness of any kind in the Bible. It was His intention for everyone to pitch in with what they are gifted in. That is why He made so many with different gifts. He wants us to use them for His glory and kingdom. We are working for the Lord and not for man because it is the Lord Christ we are serving. We need to do what He has gifted us to do and that fulfills the tithing requirement. As long as you remain in balance, you may do more as an offering in addition, but bear in mind you have spouses and family also or friends or random people in your path to minister to. If you spend all of you, however noble it seems, but you neglect your care or family, you may not have left what you need for the extras that always come our way. It is not storing up treasures, it is good stewardship of energy. Relax a little and be available now and then. Only then can God really impact anyone around you through you. Service is for God and not man’s praise. Once we get to heaven, we will have greater reward than we can imagine.

The Death of Duty

Watching a PBS show with my husband, I was struck with a thought. They were speaking of a history of very harsh coastal conditions off the coast of North Carolina that beached many a sailing vessel over the years. Then they mentioned the coastal rescue men and how they were “duty bound” to go out every time and rescue those they could, though it was often at great peril to themselves. I thought about that, how people took their work seriously back then and had a work ethic of doing the best they could at their jobs, no matter how seemingly insignificant the job. That is actually a Biblical principle, that of working with all your heart as if working for the Lord and not men because it is really God that we work for and not for men. And then I thought about some of the register workers recently that I’ve experienced that I had to interrupt their phone conversation to pay for my items. And I thought of the hospital workers at my dad’s hospital now and how I have to alert them and then remind them to do something important for my dad that should have been checked. Then I thought of the store workers I recently encountered that were more interested in telling me their problems than doing their job. And it struck me that the epidemic of leaving the Lord out of American public life has depleted the work ethic and sense of duty that made America such a great place. If you ask someone to do something they don’t want to do, some people quit or at least complain that they are being I’ll used, though they are being paid to do work not just socialize or play games on Facebook or their phone. And I remember how hard it was to hire help when I had my Audiology practice. The really good worker I had was an older lady and she was wonderful. The college students felt themselves misused if I asked them to do more than the minimum requirement of their hired position. So, what I suggest is that we Christ followers actually make it a point to work as if working for the Lord and not for men because we are really serving Him. Maybe we would stand out enough to be a light set on a hill or salt for the world wherever we are. Maybe we would inspire others to do the same?


There is a verse that says “If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.

With this verse in mind, I have an ambitious Spiritual goal of starting a revival and getting us Christians back to God. As we do our job, God will heal our land.

God gave me this song, which I have posted on YouTube as ” Lord, We’re Sorry.” Here are the lyrics:
Lord, we’re sorry when we’ve given to the devil gifts from You.
Lord, we’re sorry for placing ourselves as idols above You.
Lord, we want to humble ourselves, seek and pray and turn to You.
Now we ask You, Lord forgive us. Show us mercy, show us You.

Please forgive us. Lord, please heal our land.
Please, Lord help us. Lord, we need Your hand.

Lord, we humbly come. All of us as one.
Lord, we come to give our lives and country back to You.
There’s no greater need that we have on earth.
Jesus, save our lives. Cover our sins with Your glory.

Lord, we’re sorry when we’ve let our own agendas block our view.
Lord, we’re ashamed when we’ve spoken harsh words to some lambs of Yours.
Lord, we’re sorry for every path we’ve taken away from You.
Now, we ask You, Lord, restore us. Show us mercy. Lead with truth.

Please forgive us. Lord, please heal our land.
Lord, please help us. Lord, we need Your hand

Lord, we humbly come. All of us as one.
Lord, we come to give our lives and could try back to You.
There’s no greater need that we have on earth.
Jesus, save our lives. Cover our sins with Your glory.

That is the song God’s Spirit wrote in my heart, so I will be singing it every chance I get. I believe the time of the end is here. I believe that the Father has it all in His hands. However, I believe we must wake us and get ourselves right with God and show people Him in us. It should not look like the world. We should not be sinning, arguing, wrestling with addictions, selfish. We as Christians have a primary responsibility on this planet… Lifting up Christ and winning souls for His kingdom. Everything else is temporary.