Wherever You Are, God is Already There

We do not live alone. Ever. God’s presence and Spirit is already everywhere. That is because He is omniscient, meaning everywhere at once. Only with God is this possible. So any feeling of loneliness is our purposeful misacknowledgment if His presence, a willful choice to be alone.❤

The Little Lonely Girl

The little school girl came home from school and did her chores alone. She played her piano and weeded the garden and mowed the lawn alone. When she was finally finished, she ran with her dog through the field and ran back and sat on the top of her grassy hill, alone with her dog. She returned home at dark and cooked for her family. They ate separately in front of the tv and she did the dishes alone. She packed her own lunch for school the next day, showered and went to sleep alone. Day after day was the same day with mild variations. Alone, alone, alone. She worked hard though no one uttered a “well done” or a “good job”, just further criticism. But the thing is, she was never really alone spiritually. God was always with her. God was her companion and Heavenly Father. And God kept her company. She just had to keep remembering that. She had to keep praying. She had to see Him in what He made and remember. ❤ ❤ ❤

Remembering Rejection

I know a lot of my regular readers are young and therefore are either going through the hurt of rejection or it is still piercing to think of. And I remembered back to that historical sting. And I was amazed to realize that the rejection that made me depressed at the time and still cry when I had thought of it in past times no longer had that affect on me. In fact, I felt sorry for the rejector and prayed for him and his horrible wife he ended up with. If it is any consolation for you at all, I find that if God wants you with that person, you will be with them, and when He knows (as He always does) it is not best or sees their true heart and knows you need to be free of them, He relieves you of them. And it is a loving thing to do. God dispenses people from your life when they will hurt you worse for longer by staying with them. Accept it. Appreciate being loved so much. It hurts so much, but trust that God knows more than you do and is keeping you from something far far worse. Please be blessed. Please be comforted by running to God’s arms. Please find rest and peace and joy in God. He loves you unconditionally. ❤

God Is in Charge

When I feel alone, God is still in charge.

When I feel utterly unloved, God is still in charge.

When my body has pain, God is still in charge.

When nothing goes right, God is still in charge.

When I want to run away, God is still in charge.

When life is very complicated, God is still in charge.

When I don’t understand what is going on, God is still in charge.

When I feel insignificant, God is still in charge.

And God is loving and capable and loves me very much. I am in good hands with God being in charge and I am blessed beyond measure just to understand He is my Heavenly Father. I can face everything because I never face it alone. God is with me, loving me who He made. God is everything. I have everything I need and God is incredible and beautiful! ❤ ❤ ❤