Watching Them Skate

I can skate 30 minutes at a time with my new used inline skates. So, I am sitting here watching the kids skate the rest of the time. It is peaceful except for the loud booming music that is reminiscent of my college dancing days in the club with BB. But I digress. I learned that some people are good at watching and some people, myself included, are more the participation kind. So, I will be saving up for a new pair like my old ones that died finally after 16 years of frequent use. So I will not whine like a spoiled baby but will quietly save up and suddenly be able to skate and enjoy the wind in my face again. Until then, I will use my time to encourage, watch stuff, catch up on reading, and talk to you, friend. Love to you! Have a beautiful night! Always remember God loves you and is a simple prayer away. 😄❤

Every Life is a Testimony

Everything about you and I scream out to the world our beliefs, maturity, character, spirituality, pride level, etc. Whether you want to or not, your actions, words or silence, body language and decisions declare where you are now and how close to God you are at the moment. We are open books, so much moreso to God. So let us work to make our testimony a brilliant one that helps others and worships God. This is what we were made for. That has not changed.❤

Every Day is a Gift

Today, God has again given you the gift of life so that you may share it with Him. So great is His love for you that He blesses and sustains you and drops down diamonds from heaven throughout your day. All we have to do is lift our eyes to Him, accept and love Him back. What a gift your life is!😄❤

Prioritizing Life

I have a lot of responsibility. This is nothing new to me but there are some tricks I have learned in handling them all. I prioritize. It is manageable when you take the time to figure out which tasks get first attention and which can fall through the cracks. At one point, you will have to make that decision and if you have thought it through and decided ahead of time, it is less stressful when it happens.

For instance, first priority to me is what has eternal value or consequences. Therefore, church and devotions and prayer get top billing. If my kids want to talk about the Lord, I drop everything else and have that discussion. Church times are precious and I take my responsibility as curch pianist and ladies’ Sunday School teacher very seriously and prepare and am there on time. I don’t sleep in and miss church ever. Some days I would like to but serving God is more important than my comfort.

Then my kids and husband’s health and well being is next priority because my primary role after being a follower of Jesus Christ is being a wife and mother. I cook for my kids and keep the house clean enough to be healthy, I teach, I assist, I encourage and value them. If they are ill, I nurse them to health and pray with them. I incorporate my first priority into my second, showing them God’s love consistently and teaching when I can.

Then comes everything else. And everything else happens keeping in mind the first two priorities.

The head of everything should be God. This is His rightful place because He made everything and is in charge of our eternity also. And He is amazing and loving and truly good, so that makes it wonderful and everything else easier.

No one is perfect, and I don’t always succeed, but success happens much more often when you have goals correct.❤

Lack of Problems is Not the Goal

So, ya don’t want any problems? Join the club. The goal in life is not to get through it without anything happening. Not only is that literally impossible but horribly boring and leads to spoiled, self- centered boring immature brats sitting about, wanting to be waited on.

We are alive to serve and worship God.

Trouble comes because God loves us enough to grow and mature us and show us His love for us by caring us through everything. We grow, we mayure, we develop into people who serve and worship God through trouble. Unfortunately there is sin in this world and we are stubborn with pride so learning has to happen through trouble.

The best thing we can do is not avoid trouble but be contrite and learn the lesson quickly and get quickly to serving and worshipping God. ❤