A Story About This Guy I Know

So, there once was this guy. He grew up smack dab in the middle of a family of five and was a very sensitive soul. However he soon found out the world was not a sensitive place. Born and raised in the Bronx, he quickly grew an outer hard shell to protect his sensitive insides. Protection and safety was the name of the game. All about himself, he was.

He loved and left many, had three children along the way and is on his third wife. He is afraid to be alone, afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to be hurt, afraid to be bored, afraid to be rejected, afraid to not have what he needs in a woman or in life, and all the while fights to be a man, though he was largely left alone as a boy. His favorite wife (the second and most beautiful person he actually loved) tired of his fears and games and other women.

One day, he met a woman unlike any other he had ever met before, different than any other woman ever. She became his soul mate. Theirs was the deepest love you could imagine, at least on her side and maybe on his for a time too once he realized he had nothing to fear in her. Seemed a perfect match And both were very happy together.

But life was complicated and he ran to a worthless woman who offered him a house to co-own, becoming his wife number 3. The girl who loved him so much just couldn’t compete with his fears. Instead of embracing her strong love, he threw her away as if she were the garbage and the fears were the truth. She could not compete with irrational fear and lies bought and paid for. No one could except the horrible number 3 who gave him a house. Turns out that is what he wanted more than anything, more than happiness, more than peace, more than passionate love. Four walls and a roof. With someone so afraid, how can love compete with false beliefs of fear?

What this poor guy has yet to learn is that love is the only solid truth security and love is the only thing that can drive out fear. Fear is a liar and sucks your joy. When we realize love is a million times stronger than fear, our maturity then can pull joy and peace in and secure the heart in that love. Love is not a place but a Person and God is love.❤❤❤

Not Falling for It

By nature, I am naive. I think with a purity of thought, raised to be honest. I expect everyone to be also, always seeing the best in people. It is not long in this world before you realize the best in people is their choice and many do not choose goodness and their best but decide to choose their worst. Psychologists (of which my mom is one) explain everyone’s choice away as the fault of their environment or parental relationships. And I have to tell you, that us a load of crap. Life is not fair, things happen to everyone. No one is alone in suffering. But certainly, unequivocally, without any doubt or lie, whether you choose to be your best, which is a honest and loved-by-God servant of almighty God or a dishonest and ironically still loved-by-God servant of self/satan/pride, IT IS YOUR CHOICE. No one wants you to be bad. No n one can make you bad against your will. That is always your choice. The beauty is that being good doing good, returning to God is always your choice too. He has always been one humble prayer away. And returning to Him is always one humble prayer back. So simple. So many lies for so long and so many distractions provide the illusion of confusion, chaos, despair, complications. They don’t exist excepting your mind full of lies. Accept the simple truth of Christ Jesus who longs to be your Savior and give you peace and joy and lavish blessings and forgiveness on you. ❤

Addiction to Lies

I have many people in my friends and family, grew up with and presently that are addicts. I used to believe that they were addicted to the gluttony of food, drugs, pornography, overwork, alcohol, sometimes many of those. I have lived around it all my life. At first, I thought that was just how everyone is. I adopted a lifestyle of addiction also. But God got a hold of me, I firmly believe because of my older generation’s consistent prayers. God changed my heart and life and cleaned me up entirely. And I live for Him with no addiction whatsoever. God redeems. And He has shown me that any addiction is not actually to the drug of choice or even the gluttony. All addictions are idols, they are addictions to lies and running to things other than God to help them. Addictions are false gods. And these false gods, who are evil, demand your allegience, your obedience, your possessions, your full attention, sacrifice. Whereas God wants you to choose Him and blesses every effort along the way when we do. God wants relationship with us. The false god of addiction demands up to and sometimes includes your life, while keeping you hungry and only momentarily satisfying anything you truly want n in your soul. God is truth and the false demonic god of addiction is lies. And addicts lie like you would not believe. Denial lies are their power source, and who is the father of lies? So, I pray for my addicted loved ones and speak truth whenever I can. I cannot save these people but I know that God can and if I can help them in their illness, I will. And I thank God for salvation from addiction and for having the opportunity to trusting and rely on Him only. He is truth and I love Him dearly.❤

When Lied To by Someone Close

When lied to by someone close, my question is always, “Why didn’t they trust me with the truth?” It is a betrayal, a non-trust, a sadness that they didn’t believe in ME and know my heart that I am trustworthy and love them.

At least that has always been my go to before. Noe, as it has happened so much, I do not question that anymore. I turn it to myself introspectively and remind myself that God’s Word says to trust Him, not any other soul, no matter how close. He says in the Bible to be trustworthy but to trust Him. So we can do the best we can to give people reasons to be truthful and trustworthy back, but ultimately their response is their responsibility and very well may reflect their spiritual condition or woundedness rather than anything reflective of you. Or they can just chose to be evil. Either way, we are to trust God and be humble in prayer over those close to us. We are to pray all the time and rely on Him, trust in Him. People will let us down but be encouraged that God never ever will. He is our perfect God who loves us and wants so much to have a relationship with us that He provided a way through Jesus Christ. Wow. We are so very loved, friend, and God is our constant trustworthy companion. In God I trust.❤❤❤

Pondering the Still Small Voice of God AKA Telling Truth from Lie

In a world all tumbled up with lies, I just want to shed all that and listen to God who is Truth. But how do I know which voice is God’s and which is everything else’s lies? Here is what I have realized with God’s help, no doubt…

God has a still small voice. He is quiet. I remember the poignant sentence, “A lion does not need to scream that he is a lion, he just walks in and it is clear.” God is the quiet voice that is simple and clear and true. If there is confusion in it, it is not 100% truth, which is the only truth I am interested in. If there is confusion or distraction or mystery or dogma or power plays or money or lust or tech or twists or science or truth presented alongside the word “but”, all these are not 100% truth. So these things are all lies from the enemy of God to destroy the people God made and rule them prior to their destruction. Lies are the only way they can do this. So all that noise is not truth, is not God speaking. God speaks clearly in a still small voice. And He does this because He wants everyone saved, even the simple people He made. The simple love message from God is the truth. The Bible is truth and the Word of God. So when I get out in nature, I pray and listen and when I hear a bombardment of thoughts and temptations and ideas, I know that is not God speaking to me. So I dismiss those voices in Jesus’ name. When I pray a question and listen after praising God and saying the name of Jesus out loud in humble thanks, I will quite often get a quiet yes or no in my heart/soul. And that is it. Simple, clear. In general, the more a person talks, the less truth they are pushing. Convincing arguments generally derive from pride and levels of lies. The truth is straightforward. Generally, the less people say, the more true their words are. Not always, but most often. Remember that God is Truth and speaks in a still, small voice to a humble heart. Beware of any other words❤