On Accepting the Blame

As a big picture person, blame to me is rather a waste of time. However, being surrounded by detail oriented people, blame is a hot topic in this house. Whose fault is it? Who is to blame? To me, it happened, fix it. Try not to do it again. They love my forgiving nature (I just don’t major on the minors really lol) until I am to blame. Then I am the scum of the earth when I make a mess and must be reminded of it daily or hourly until something else happens more worth their attention. This is an Aquarian living with three Libras and a nearby Libra mom. Such is life, but I have learned a valuable lesson from this unfortunate circumstance. It is most often better to accept the blame immediately and clean it up the best I can than to instill my life philosophy of nonjudgment and full forgiveness upon those who struggle with that concept. In other words, it is better to be humble than to be correct. It is better to promote peace by any means necessary than to foster a stumbling block for someone else in my correctness. Lol Life is a pickle. No good if you suck on it but brilliant if you bite in. ❤

Life Lessons from Pantry Installation

So, I am learning a lot about life and me from this pantry installation. It was years in the planning and preparation and saving up phase. Now that it is here, I am tending to rush it. Why? My impatience, my worst flaw, is in full force. I am putting the paint on too thick, trying to get it all done in one coat and realizing now I have to do another coat anyway and now have to paint the border of the inside of the door in my sloppy drippy haste. It does not pay to rush a masterpiece. You take one step, one thin, careful coat at a time in painting and in life practice the same measures. One baby step at a time. Purposeful. Meticulous. Rushing produces more work and time and a mess really. I am getting this messon finally. I guess better late than never. Lol Now back to painting. Lol 🙂

The Bed Bug Horror Lesson

My parents have suffered from a bed bug invasion for quite a while now. They make (a tad) too much money to get help but not enough for the exorbitant price tag for bed bug extermination. While every penny would be worth it, it takes far too many pennies to come up with. Because of this infestation, they had far too many visitors and we even kept our distance, doing what we had to do and leaving to hose down and wash our clothes immediately. So, it has been a plague for them. We kept having lots of expenses pop up that God up our money so we couldn’t help. So there lies the bed bug horror. They are terrible. We tried to bandage the wound with mattress covers and over the counter bug killers, but they kept coming. Gross, huh? Yep. So, where is the lesson? The lesson is that God provides a way. Dad’s hospice social worker explained their problem to Make A Wish foundation, and they agreed to pay most of the treatment and the extermination company will take the remainder in small manageable payments! God used a long line of resources and willing individuals to provide bed bug demise bringers to my parents!! So, although I had most of the prep work to do these last few days, it is all worth it because relief is coming for my parents! Why? Because God is faithful and attends to the details in our lives (big and little ones). The timing may not be what we want but He always provides. We may have to work for it, via prayers, manual effort, discouragement, trying to help ourselves, mental stress, but those efforts are worth it when the answer comes. And every effort on this earth in doing what is right and working for God is worth it in the end also when heaven is our final answer. Don’t give up. God is working. Sometimes He has to wait for people to be willing to obey Him. So if you o ey Him, just maybe you will be inadvertently speeding up someone else’s miracle. 🙂