Choosing the Leader to Follow

Choosing your leader is so very important because leaders lead the people who are so busy working and paying the bills that the energy of leadership is necessarily placed in delegated hands that can commit to it full time. So when we consider what leader to place in that most important position, we certainly must consider the character of the person. The most important thing about a leader is his core beliefs, spiritual and mental. The absolute greatest presidents, for example, of all time were Christians who had served in the military, so we knew they put their money where their mouths were. A leader must be willing to work, to lead, to fight, to win, to avoid fighting where possible, to lead successfully to the battle when necessary, wise enough to know the difference. A leader is merciful but not weak, tolerant but not wishy washy, kind but resolute, for those he or she is leading. Rhetoric is not the hat rack to hang your hat on but character is. Loving God is imperative because the best leaders lean on truth for their decision making.

Put Your Actions Where Your Heart Is

Many of my blogs are about purification and focus on the Lord, both personally and church-wide. People read my blogs and hear me speak and nod emphatically and agree wholeheartedly and go home encouraged and then do nothing. It stops there. People want to be encouraged but don’t really want to act on their convictions because either they don’t think they can make a difference or are frustrated that no one seems to care or are lazy and want to feel good but not do anything. Herein lies the frustration of those of us who want restoration of our country back to God. It will not happen with happy thoughts. The Puritans didn’t invent and make our country happen because they felt good inside or had wonderful personal relationships with God internally that they kept to themselves. No, they got together regularly to pray, the most powerful thing that we can do! When is the last time a group of people in your church got together to just pray? Even if they said so, I bet they prayed alongside entertainment and a person’s message and many song with flashing lights. No, I mean just pray together earnestly for our country and the lost and our government. Well, no one would come. Maybe, but even if two are there, you have audience with the Lord Almighty and can start a change. And maybe in churches if we just sang a few simple hymns, read the Bible and prayed every single week and that was it, I bet you a lot of dollars this country would start changing. And I bet the church would also change for the better and draw people in. Many pastors and leaders of churches all over America read this blog. I dare you to apply it. I double dog dare you. So what if some people who don’t do anything leave. God will provide when you do things His way. And He will bless everything done His way for Him. I dare you to commit three months to a few simple hymns (no lights camera action), read the Bible and pray together as a congregation. You are the leaders of the church and you are responsible to God for it. Dare to be His and not be conformed to the world. Dare to get back to God’s original design. Dare to start a revival in this way. You will not regret it ever.


Leadership can be done four ways, which ironically match the four basic temperaments of most people. One option is the dictator. One is the “buddy” leader (those are complete opposites, by the way). One is the micro-manager. And the last is the star of the show leader. That last guy jokes and laughs and thinks the world should revolve around his greatness and fun-ness. This leader and the “buddy” leader are the least effective because people tend to not take them seriously or respect their authority least. This does not mean personally they fail but that their leadership style is not as effective because they are perceived as not serious (even if they are) or not willingly authoritarian enough to enforce punishments. The dictator is effective but not liked and the micromanager just drives everyone bonkers by being too picky or domineering or not letting people just do their jobs. All of these have pros and con’s individually. All have the capacity to get the job done, but the efficiency which gets it done and the travel time to completion varies per style of leadership. In contrast, most of the really great and effective leaders of this world now and from history are actually a blend or mix of these four, and the more balanced they were in all areas, the more effective they were and the happier those that followed their leadership were. This is a principle called by Jesus “being all things to all people” but still remaining pure in your own beliefs and convictions. So, as in the example of the greatest and most effective Leader of all time, we have a wonderful model to follow. Of course, we are not perfect as He was but we have the power and conviction of the Holy Spirit so we can approximate with His help. Now, this being said, only approximately 10% of people are what people consider “leaders” and the rest follow generally, but I believe that number should be inherently higher for Christ followers because part of our job is leading people to the Lord so He can save them. That being said, the first quality of leadership that Jesus exemplified is noticing people and seeing their motivations. So, discernment mixed with attention to detail is our first goal. Jesus also spoke truth and did not mix words when something needed to be done. So we need truth, clarity and conviction in our leadership. Also, Jesus took the time to pray. Self explanatory and imperative! Jesus met the needs of those following Him. To do this, He saw what they were and walked alongside them to provide those needs. So we can not forget the needs of those following and not be self-absorbed but show we care personally for them. Jesus also taught His followers and did not allow them to be finished with their work before they had completed. So, we need to instruct and not bark orders but also be persistent and consistent with our instructions and expectations. The biggest was that Jesus was compassionate and loving with His people. We need to be so also.