Laziness is a Waste of Good Brain Cells

Good stewardship is a concept I have been working on in my life and trying to instill in my kids. The opposite of good stewardship is laziness. It wastes talent, thought processes, imagination, physical ability, energy, so on. Laziness declares that our comfort is more important than the gifts God has given us to use. And no, laziness is never a gift from God. It is an affront to Him who gifted us in His profound wisdom. 😄❤

Another Virus Going Around

So many have this cold virus now. Many. It irritates the throat, causes coughing and sneezing, difficulty sleeping, etc. It is all around me. Thus far I and my kids have not caught it but my husband has and many at church today have. And as uncomfortable as a cold is, there is a greater virus going around people want to share readily, that of lazy Christianity. A lot is happening all around the world and we Christians need to be awake and pray and be lights in this dark world. ❤

Trying Something New

So, it is try something new day. The butler’s pantry (which is so funny because we just were putting in a pantry with a bar sink for coffee and the guy at Lowes said that was a “butler’s pantry” lol) is getting a marble tile backslash. It is the first time ever installing tile. We are doing this smaller area in practice for the slightly larger lol kitchen we are renovating next. And like everything else, to do something new is to expand your skill set and confidence and knowledge and feels good. Messy but good, like most good things. Lol. And as I am watching e videos how to do all this, it occurs to me that most people pay other people money to do something they have never done out of fear or ignorance or laziness when they could easily do it themselves if they simply did a little research and tried. And then I realized that everything is like that. I had never made a quilt but wanted to make a personalized one for each of my kids and just did it. And the first one was hard and the second was easier. How true that is of everything. Just do it! 🙂

Walking the Me

Until we get a dog some day soon, our home is now canine free. The adorable little Yorkiepoo we enjoyed for a month has gone back home to my parents’ house for their therapeutic benefit and we walk her there. So, a couple days went by when I didn’t get to walk the dog first thing in the morning. I noticed the difference big time. This morning, just for kicks, I got up at 7am and walked myself. And after the walk and even now, I have lots more energy which I need caring for two households. So, from now on I will walk myself as religiously as I had been walking the dog. I think it is easy to work the spiritual aspects and get lined up in the morning spiritually for a new day but often the physical aspects of taking care of the bodies God entrusted to us get left behind. To be effective for the Lord, we have to take care of ourselves and have the energy available to us that will be required for His service today. When we serve ourselves by lazing about, it is restful and great but too much of that can drain your energy and yield you unable for service. And if our lives are not ready for service to God and others, we have huge problems which will carry over to our spiritual us too. I think there is not enough emphasis on serving the Lord and too few people doing too much of the work and that is not how it is supposed to work. Churches need to emphasize serving God and others (not just the church itself) and people need to serve to prove they are Christians or few will believe you are or that if you are, it doesn’t matter. Stop placating our lazy drives and selfish desires and go for the higher reward later (or maybe sooner) when Jesus returns. Let Him catch you doing something nice for someone. 🙂

Okay to Say No

There are times when it is not only okay to say “no” but very beneficial. Christ followers are notoriously guilted into doing more than our fair share because other people are disobedient. Those who do are asked to do more. Those that disobediently do not do get away with it. That seems to be the way. Ya know, it is very interesting to study human nature. It is alarmingly selfish when left to its own resources. No one really wants to do all the work. If given a choice, everyone would rather just do what they enjoy and never bother with making trips out to the church to clean or decorate or paint or whatever. Who enjoys spending their precious weekend doing more work for the church building? Who really wants to do lesson plans for Sunday School when they would rather be lazing about or playing or relaxing? Seriously, those who never volunteer for helping out at church are really very selfish because everyone is “busy” and yet some people find time to do most everything while they opt for selfishness disguised as good reasons/excuses. But I digress. Those of you doing more than your share while other laze about squandering service opportunities for the Lord, it is very acceptable and healthy to say “no” to further requests for assistance. When you give more than what God has gifted you for, you burn out. More than that, you can even hinder others from the opportunity to step up to the plate and do their fair share. Also, you lose your priorities. God never intended for a few to do all the work. God speaks against slothfulness and selfishness of any kind in the Bible. It was His intention for everyone to pitch in with what they are gifted in. That is why He made so many with different gifts. He wants us to use them for His glory and kingdom. We are working for the Lord and not for man because it is the Lord Christ we are serving. We need to do what He has gifted us to do and that fulfills the tithing requirement. As long as you remain in balance, you may do more as an offering in addition, but bear in mind you have spouses and family also or friends or random people in your path to minister to. If you spend all of you, however noble it seems, but you neglect your care or family, you may not have left what you need for the extras that always come our way. It is not storing up treasures, it is good stewardship of energy. Relax a little and be available now and then. Only then can God really impact anyone around you through you. Service is for God and not man’s praise. Once we get to heaven, we will have greater reward than we can imagine.