Healing Laughter

God knew how my life was going to be so He gave me the gift of laughter. Laughter heals. It is a fact. When I have been in horrible situations, I was given the gift from God to find something funny in it. I have been able to laugh at myself and my many accidental catastrophies as well as the situation and use my extremely vivid imagination to imagine other funny things happening in the ugly and serious situation. I love to laugh because it has been a saving grace from God all my life and I needed grace from God for much of it. There are wonderful old shows like I Love Lucy or Dick Van Duke or movies like Princess Bride to start you out if you need help but I have found the best tool is my mind. But whatever it takes, climb on this laughter band wagon. Do not allow anyone to steal your joy. Just refuse them permission to throw off your groove, your happy place. And if anyone wants you to be serious, just say “No. Because you wish it.” And laugh. Laugh until you cry. Laugh until you feel like laughing.Then go from there. 🙂

The Happy Things

Sure it easy to see the bad things, downright evil things, ugliness around us. That is easy. What is a challenge is finding the little happy moments inside those and focusing on them. For every situation that hurts, there is a chance to grow and heal. For every tear there is a laugh. For every heartache there is a breath of grace. For every heart wrenching cry there is a comfort. God never allows one without providing the other, because He is a loving Father. Our challenge and tool for hope and survival is the finding of that. God promises also we will never have to endure more than we can. Sometimes it feels a lot like it, hopes shattered, sadness presses, loneliness attacks, and you wonder. Then as you are thinking that, you hear out of the corner of your ear your kid’s laughter or find your favorite chocolate bar on sale or get an encouraging note from your best friend that says you are not a loser or you trip on air and fall crazy onto the couch and just laugh at the block was of that. There is always a smile to be had, a laugh to find. Do not give up searching for it. It will get you through the dark by means of its light.                                      

The Right to Speak and Laugh

We all have the right to speak. We all have the right to laugh. And we have the right to offend anyone we would like to offend freely. We have the right to annoy people by laughing at a situation instead of crying. You have the right to annoy me by laughing loudly while I feel sadness. I have the same right. I have the right to say whatever I wish and you have the same right. The thing is that these rights do not always have an “until” button built in. Until you hurt someone. Until you make someone wish they were not. Until your words are responsible for the pain of another. Until there is an innate or learned “until” in your head, wisdom dictates you do not express that which you have a right to express. And those so easily offended need to harden up but those so easily bullies need to shut up. And somewhere in between these extremes should be the rest of us who wisely use our until buttons and exercise freedom of speech with good manners. Good manners should be taught by the parents and adults example or school and church if that is too difficult but good manners are good and make a huge difference. I wouldn’t say some things even though it is my right to do so because it is rude or bad manners or mean. I would never silence a laugh. Thank God for laughter. I believe it is God’s gift to keep some of us sane or alive during bad times or happy during good ones. Laugh, talk yes! But use good manners. We will all be better off. This friendly reminder brought to you by the little girl tired of good people being silenced by bad mannered big mouths.

Monkey Business

I have lost a lot of my funny. I used to be such a clown- dry humor but loaded with it. I could make the hardest of hearts laugh. There was not a room I could not own, not an audience I could not bring to laughter. Well, maybe that is just what I thought. 🙂 The thing is that the more mature I became in my faith, and having a husband and two kids to care for, the more I stopped making everyone laugh and started controlling my impulse to do so. I realized that with all the jokes, there were a great deal of negativity and put downs and laughing at, and it became more important to me to be sensitive. People’s feelings are more important than getting a laugh or attention. However, I noticed that I may have become too much of a stick in the mud. Now, I am working on being creative and finding a happy medium. People are still more important than getting laughs and that will always be true. Self-control trumps prideful putting yourself out there every time and that will always be true. Words matter and hurting people’s feelings is never okay and that will always be true. However, I realize how dark and gloomy things are around me and by golly, laughter would definitely help that. God allows us to make people laugh, so we should not diminish this gift. So, I am working on a happy medium between getting laughs to get laughs and feel good about making people laugh to trying to encourage and lift hearts up and maybe bring some laughter into the room. It is incredibly therapeutic.

In the Nick of Time

Flying over the hill, high above the trees were two ospreys (fish hawks) soaring through the sky early in the morning. I watched as their majestic gliding wings turned ever so slightly to maneuver their bodies on the currents of the brisk wind. They seemed to be together. Down one of them swooped all of a sudden to go for a grab of a fish. Then, such a majestic scene was interrupted just in the nick of time by an awkward splash into the water and return back to flight with a large silver fish I would have thought was way to heavy for the hawk. The other flew off after the fantastic fisher. What started as a majestic, flawless moment ended up pretty hilarious, much akin to a pelican’s huge, slow, awkward splash into the water. It was so funny! Reminded me of a fancy dressed gal walking the red carpet with stupidly high heels, trying to look all serious and cool and tripping into a water fountain. I think God throws us some joy like that because I honestly believe He takes joy in our laughter and happiness. I think if we aren’t looking, don’t study the scene carefully, we will easily miss the joke, the funniness of the situation. We can’t take life too seriously. Yes, be saved. Yes, witness. Yes, every moment counts. But I believe God made us the only ones of His creation with the ability to laugh and reason for a reason. Laughter heals, uplifts, encourages the heart. There is no better medicine than a good laugh, especially after a good cry or maybe to prevent one. God has used many a good joke to keep me from blowing my top. Laughter is beautiful. Do it. Do it now. Out loud, so I can hear you. Laugh like an insane person. Find an I Love Lucy or Carol Burnett Show rerun and just really enjoy it. You know you want to. Trust me, life plus laughter feels much better than doom and gloom. And you’ll live longer, have fewer wrinkles and will be someone people enjoy. 🙂