A Late Night of Thoughts

Most nights now, I sleep like a baby.

Tonight I am still awake at 2:30am with my thoughts and songs.

And I made peace with my past yet again.

And I realize that without the devastation, I would not know myself so well. I would not be so strong and realize it fully.

So much more importantly, without the horrible, I never would have known the enor ity of the love of God. I would never have known the vast depth of His comfort. I would have never fully comprehended that if all I ever had in this world was Jesus Christ, I would be perfectly complete.

So, having completed that very precious truth in my brain, I will now go to sleep. Peaceful and full of joy.

God is everything. All is well. No worries. Ever.♥

Late, Late, Late for A Very Important Date

In our band, we have a late guy. I used to be a late girl. I was 5 to 10 minutes late to about everything. I lost jobs and still kept up my horrible habit. Why? I did not realize that being perpetually late actually is selfishness. I never realized that by making people wait for me was not cute but declaring that my time was more valuable than theirs. And I never believed that but they were right and I have need on time ever since. I think I need to talk to my late guy. 😄❤

Random Mess of Thoughts at 2am

So, I am doing this losing weight thing, so I have more energy. Anyone E who knows me knows I already have a heck of a lot already,so here I am wide awake at 2am, mind racing forward. And here are my jumbled mess of thoughts for those of you who think one thing at a time and may not understand us busy thinkers. You still may not but here goes.

I really love how God can use the greatest heartbreak of my life as a tool both to tighten up and fly right but also that He is really all I need as my Heavenly Father. And in addition, I would never have found a new, respected friend had not life changed abruptly as it did. So we findmany new treasures and blessings within one broken heart lesson. God never leaves us alone if He wants more from or for us. God NEVER Lea es us alone if He wants more from or for us. That was worth repeating.

We are really enjoying the beautiful birds that have been coming to our yard and bird feeder. We have had a cardinal family for weeks now, blue jays of course (those wicked little pretty bandits), mockingbirds, woodpeckers, red shouldered Hawks, cattle birds (snowy egrets), and threshers are here most often. But two days ago, we were graced with a little chickadee, rare here this time of year. Happy girl here. 

Found out yet another of my friends with the alltoo common scenario where the man cheated on his wife, and I wonder where Godly men even are. Are they all a big pile of selfishness now? Why can’t they put down the garbage pushed in front of them to hook them and refuse it and man the frick up and appreciate the treasure before them? 

Patriotism seems to be passe now. Here. In America. My country so many fought and died for. This country with beauty and natural resources that rival any collection in the world. With amazing, strong diverse people from all around the world. We with so much to be proud in. Yep, here. Patriotism passe. Really? Those who treat this amazing country without proper respect and honor need to man up or get the heck out of here. If you exercise your right to disrespect my country, I can exercise my right to disrespect your behind.

I may repaint my bedroom. I freshened it with a beautiful seafoam green but I would like it calmer and warmer. Maybe I could sleep easier with sleepy colors. Lol

Today brought a lot of challenges, starting with a flat tire, long 1 1/2 hour each way drives with a spare, two patient consults, replacing 2 new tires and new baseball practice for my son, who the coach says is a natural. And along the way, cooked, did laundry and washed dishes. I should be exhausted but barely ate and am losing weight so energy stores are being released and I am wired.

Nonetheless, I have to try to sleep sometime, so I will make that now and say good night. Sweet dreams!