Better to Know

If someone close to you that you love has a problem, it is better to know so you can pray for them. It is always better to know so prayers can be said. What greater live can you show a person than to pray for them? There is nothing else so loving and noble, powerful and generous to do for them. Even if it hurts to know, it is better to humbly pray. Always it is better. Swallow the pride and pray for them. We answer for our pride but are rewarded for our prayers. ❤

Sounding Smart versus Wisdom

There is a vast difference between sounding smart and wisdom. With children, they know the difference. They feel it in their bones and you see kids liking some people and not others. Kids like people who treat them respectfully enough to share wisdom with them, often very shortly after giving information. This is one example. In sales, many people also know disengenuous people full of seemingly valuable information versus wise people who truly want to help you use information to improve their lives. There is a respect and service (compassion of wanting to genuinely help) bridge between knowledge and wisdom when communicating with others. If you neglect the respect and service of the bridge, you may as well be a text book. Text books have fountains of information that is utterly useless until applied via the respect and service bridge to convey wisdom. It is self-serving to have knowledge without such an application of it. And meaning in life is the worship of God (applying wisdom to grow closer to God through worship, service and obedience) and service to others (applying wisdom to service and relationships). God gives wisdom and the tools needed to use it so closeness to God grows wisdom. This is always true. This why King Solomon yearned for wisdom above other riches. It is that important and we are feeling the effects of a lack of wisdom in those evil agendists (those divisive anti-God, anti-President, anti-American, anti-life elitists with money and no heart) trying to run the show in our world. They have money, they have knowledge and absolutely no wisdom. This is why their lies are made known. Wisdom is directly linked with truth and they set free the feeble mind, open the eyes of the seeker, change the heart of the humble. God provides both and He is very generous when humbly asked for it. ❤

The Value of Travel

Having travelled extensively in my lifetime before my youngest was born, I am at liberty to explain the value in travel. When you touch soil in other parts of the world, when you mingle with the people that know that land, when you swim in their waters and eat their food and experience their lifestyle, your mind expands, your empathy grows, your understanding of how things tie together grows, your knowledge increases, your imagination is stirred, your understanding of yourself in this place deepens, your appreciation for God who made all of it is enhanced and you appreciate the entire collective creation much more succinctly. When you travel, you see things from a different perspective. You sometimes see everything from a different perspective, and the more open minded you are when you do so, the greater the benefit. So many experiences in our lives depend upon our mindset when we take them in, but as a general rule, an open mind in a new place reeps benefits far greater than words can delineate. A mind expanded, a brain with new memories, new pictures, new synapses firing, new experiences- who can put a pricetag on these things? Whether it is a town never visited before three hours away or a country never visited before 13 hours away by flight, every change of scenery and people broadens your mind and your horizens. All travel is valuable. The most valuable is living among the natives of that place, really experiencing life their way. Then your way isn’t so fixed in the future, and flexibility is a very valuable ability in real life no matter where you are. Learning about diverse places and people and culture also deepend appreciation for God who made them, specifically His ability and desire to create diversity for balance and beauty. Travel does all of this faster and easier than even books and supplements books’ lessons. It is far more expensive not to travel because of how limiting that ends up being to your mindset and knowledge. When you do not travel, you must accept other people’s opinions about these places and people and they may have missed the truth and beauty entirely or misinterpretted them and thus misrepresented them to you. It is much better to be informed yourself by experience. Then you may be sure of the matter.

Blessings and Curses

I am a follower of God, of Jesus Christ His Son, with the power of His Holy Spirit in me. I am sure of this. It is not up in the air. It is who I am. As such, I was just reminded by a pastor yesterday about what God’s Word says about curses and blessings. And in a nutshell, he reminded me that when God blesses someone, be it an individual or group or whatever, any blessing He gives is guaranteed. There is no question about that. If God promises, He is all powerful and all truth and in charge, and it will happen. You can bank on it all day, all night. For instance, God said He would give the Israellites the land of where who resides? Yes, the Israelites. That is why they are surrounded by enemies and yet they are still there. Why? Because God promised it to them, it is their blessing. God blessed them with that land. So no curse uttered against them (of which there are many) will ever have a single inch of power. Ever. Say next year Iran decides to fire a nuclear weapon at Israel, it will not work. Won’t detinate, will be stopped in time, will not work. Ever. Why? Because God blessed Israel with that land. It is theirs. What God has blessed, no one can curse. Why? Because God is bigger than anyone else, large and in charge. And a blessing or a curse has one thing in common. The person yielding either has to be strong enough to deliver. Someone cannot utter a blessing if they have nothing to give. A parent blesses a child with an inheritance. You have to own it in order to give it. A child cannot bless a parent, they can make them happy, impress them. The only blessing a child can bestow that is his to give a parent is obedience. Same with us. We can only bless God with obedience. He blesses us in every way because He owns everything and rules it all. Someone who curses someone says he/she is powerful enough to cause something bad to happen to you. Who have power greater than God? No one. Balam was hired by Israel’s enemies to curse them. He liked money, so he tried to curse them and praise came out. Tried again and praise came out. Third time, same thing. You cannot curse who God has blessed. You can trick people out of their blessing by luring them into a screwup that separates them from the relationship with God to honor the blessing. But people have to choose to be tricked and decide that in order for it to have any bearing on the blessing. As the relationship stands in tact, there is nothing anyone anywhere can do about cursing what God has blessed. It is a nonissue. May as well blow bubbles at them. Is not going to happen. Do not be afraid if someone curses you and you are in relationship with Him and covered by His blessing of salvation. That blessing protects you from such nonsense. That is all it is at that point. Someone duped by the enemy may choose harm for you but you can discard their powerless rhetoric and go about your day in peace and joy. Knowing is powerful. Do not be fooled. No one stands when God decides something. No one can stand against Him. All bow. Everyone.

Knowing is Very Little of the Battle

Knowing things is easy. It is at our fingertips. Knowledge is everywhere we look, all over the place. It is easy to come by. It is literally everywhere. If I turn a corner to sharp, there is knowledge. If I look next to my bed there is the Bible there, ready for use, ready for giving knowledge. Knowing things, little trivial knowledge or vast and deep book knowledge or knowledge of unknown or imagined things in alternate dimensions, it is a few keystrokes away in hot spots all over our good land. Knowledge is not the problem. The problem seems to come with intention. People say “Knowledge is everything” or “Knowledge is power”. Now what actually sets you apart is if you choose to apply that knowledge to the task at hand. Mixing knowledge and wisdom is the real goal. If you have knowledge and apply it and use it correctly at the right time for the right reasons to solve problems and help, you are like the most amazing of people on our planet. There is an actual shortage of people who can do this. A deficit. I used to be pretty good at it but have fallen into the rat race a little bit, go here, go there, do this, do that, be busy busy busy. So even I cannot use my knowledge correctly of late. And suddenly a problem hits so big that my wisdom would come in handy and here I am out of practice. I believe the enemy really wants us distracted for this reason. There are enormous problems that arise in life that require wisdom and if distracted and out of practice, knowledge is wasted and problems blossom and remain. So here is the big question. What do we do about that? And he answer is be less busy and read the wisdom Book and practice practice practice.