Don’t Know Everything but Know Something

I don’t get a lot of stuff, like how the chocolate molten lava cake works or how someone can choose willingly to become so evil as to harm a child or how we can be moving like 1,000 miles an hour to keep us on this rock and it can feel like we acne standing still. These things I ponder, just don’t get at all. But I know this to be true. We, each acnrend every person on this planet, we’re made on purpose by a loving and powerful and very very smart God who is still in charge. He is so in charge that He told us what would happen and how to be saved from it all in the end in the Bible and opened up a way and spelled it out how to come pray to Him. I understand love from observing Him. I get love by experience. Love isn’t the falling, the infatuation, it is the staying, the faithfulness and self-control and gentleness and peace and joy of just being together. I get that my behavior and my children are my responsibility to keep myself right in the head and prepare the kids for adulthood in a pretty twisted world. I know beyond all doubt that each and every one of us will die and some will be taken up before that can happen and there is an eternity to look forward to or not, depending on how you did with the salvation and prayer thing mentioned previously. And this is where my hope comes in. Despite my crazy and at times otherwise unbearable journey through life has been, God is my constant and hope. I have not been constant but He sure is. And He drew me back and reminded me of these things I mentioned. No point is too late to remember and humbly talk to God and realign with Him. He is big but love and wants everyone He made on purpose to live forever with Him in heaven, His original intention for us. This I know. I will work on understanding the lava cake next. 

Wisdom for Young Women from an Older Woman

When I was young, I needed guidance that I received from many various sources and many of them did not have the faintest idea what they were talking about, namely my peers. Blind leading the blind. Furthermore, the blind denied blindness. So, here are my words of wisdom that I hope will help you on your journey. First of all, trust God for everything but don’t trust anyone else too much. God will never let you down and will only allow trials in your life that will improve you in the long run. However, people let you down and lie to you quite frequently. Secondly, never get married until you have taken care of yourself for at least a year. You need to prove it to yourself for self esteem and awareness and figure out what you like while yours is the only opinion that matters. Also, you are responsible to take care of yourself and no one wants to take care of anyone who doesn’t contribute back for long. Thirdly, do not be too proud. It is the most vile thing and keeps you from maturing properly or learning things that will help you a lot. Everyone needs help and advice sometimes, just be certain of the motive of the individual giving it to you. Fourthly, learn about finances and costs for things. If you are given a quote on anything, like car repair or service or anything, look online for reasonable prices and hold to those so you are not taken advantage of. Your finances are your friend and you need to part with your money with hesitation. Live within your means and if you can only pay cash for everything to keep yourself within your means. Overspending is a horrible habit and can ruin your prospects for any level of success in your life. Better to do without than have fancy things but be out on the street. Fifthly, men will be attracted to you and lie to you and be really sweet, but unless they become committed to you and propose, they are hormone driven. If they can’t commit to you, you are just another booty and any booty will do for them if you don’t give them what they want. If they demand what you are hesitant or uncomfortable in your spirit with, let the dog go. Not worth it. Ever. Sixthly, you were made by God and are His valuable and precious daughter. There is nothing He makes that does not have great beauty and the potential for greatness. You are so precious to God and adopted to be His daughter, a princess of the God who made the universe. Never allow another human being to belittle you or make you feel less than you are. If they even start, turn around and do not accept that incredible foolishness. Know the truth and read it in your Bible daily to reinforce it and grow you in the Lord. Pray all the time and this will keep you focused and pure. It is invaluable! You are so loved!!

Answers vs Faith

I used to be the type of person who knew all the answers- planned ahead and knew what was up the road.  I also was the type of person who could do everything myself and never needed anyone.  Sure, there were people I wanted to be there, but I didn’t “need” them.  This same person, I was, that had to and seemed to have all the answers asked in class or in work or in life.  It has occurred to me lately that I was a very ignorant person in all of this.  This seeming knowledge and control and independence are idiotic and signs of a lack of understanding and wisdom.  Now, don’t get me wrong… it is nice to know answers and count on yourself for things.  What I mean is that thinking we really know anything or are in control of anything or don’t need anyone are the most naive of all pride-bearing objects.  In fact, I regret not letting my guard down to be wrong more and count on people more because I would have learned earlier on that the only One who really knows anything is the One who knows everything.  Faith in the Almighty God is much more intelligent and wise than knowledge of anything or anyone else.  His ability is our only ability.  His knowledge is our only knowledge.  His wisdom is the only wisdom.  When we admit that, we start the journey of wisdom and truly can say that we at least have one right answer.