Comfort Levels

It is fascinating how people differ so much in their comfort levels doing different. Some people are right at home on stage. Some would rather drink poison. Some people are very comfortable working hard outside, some people prefer quiet work in the air conditioning. It is usually guided by our giftedness f t om God. And the beauty of the kingdom of God is that the here is no right answer. Everyone has a role an DC everyone is equally important. Equally. In fact, to me personally, an on-stage, public speaker/worship leader type person, those taking care of the background details seem much more important because it allows us all to function in our giftedness smoothly and if I had to sit down and do tedious work, my spirit would very quickly go from thriving to surviving and struggling very quickly. We have to operate within our comfort level ( within reason, I mean we can’t always do our jobs from soaking in a hottub Lol). We ate generally operating in our giftedness when we are comfortable. I am uncomfortable sitting in the congregation during worship. I just am. I worship alone in quiet but around other people, I need to be leading. That is what I am designed for. We need to do what we are designed to do to be comfortable and content in our work for God. ❤ 

Excessive Changes

There are periods of time during one’s life time when nothing happens. Not really, but it seems so. You are at least in a somewhat comfortable routine of life, got a grove, everything in workable but, more importantly, expected order. We may not love these seemingly dull periods of life because we often want more than what we have and as such get restless. But you see, we are not on this earth to maintain a steady flow of nothing. We are here for something. There is a purpose for our lives. Each and every person on the planet was created on purpose to do something. Each was given a unique gift to serve and worship God. We were made for a purpose in God’s kingdom, that supernatural family unit that functions as its own great entity now and into eternity. The whole is greater than its parts. And we have a certain talent or gift to use within that kingdom. So, as followers of Christ in his kingdom, we have a great responsibility to use the gifts given us in fruitful ways. We are blessed in order for us to be able to bless God and others. So, when we get really comfortable, generally we are low on the service vibe and have ceased to be useful to the kingdom of God, our mission in life. So, God allows us excessive changes now and again to wake us up to our place in life. We resist this because we are too distracted and preoccupied with mediocre and worse in the physical realm to realize what is going on in the spiritual realm, the realm that never ends and thus is more important. Excessive changes happen on purpose to humble us and get us in the right frame of mind to realize mundane is not obedience. We must serve and God allows so many changes in our lives for that purpose, sometimes just to get our minds right, often to give us contrast to realize there is more, sometimes to stretch us so we realize we CAN do so much more and prepare us for future work. Change is good. It means God cares and wants fullness and depth and strength of character and place in His kingdom for us. So it is a blessing when we run into changes. We need never fear these changes. Our heavenly Father walks with us through them and teaches us what we need to know when we need to know it. He always knows best and we will be stronger for His glory when the lesson is learned or test passed.

The Used vs. The Users

There are certainly people who give and people who take in this world. To some extent, we spend much of our existence going back and forth between the two, but overall some give more than they take, are characterized by giving, those we term “generous”. Then there are those who end up taking more than they give, sometimes a good deal more, and I call them the “takers”. These people have developed a distortion of reality and skewed mindset where they sometimes honestly believe they deserve things. When taken to its natural selfish and narcissistic end, these takers become Alison known as ” users”. People are in their lives to serve them and to be used for what you can get out of them. Many politicians and other high ups of all varieties live with this misguided and illogical thinking. The givers give and end up being the “used” by the users. This seems to be how the world works. This is also how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. My Dad, a farmer and machine repairmen and former Marine, had a saying, “The rich don’t get rich by giving it away”. There have been some great philanthropists throughout the centuries, however, so that blanket statement is not without its flaws. Also, rich people hire poorer people to do their work and as such poor people do benefit inadvertantly. All that detail aside, we are commanded in the Bible to be givers. There is no example of Jesus Christ taking. He gave, even His own life. He commanded us to give. And why? Did He want us to be poor, to be dupes of takers and users? On the contrary, when we give, we are the free ones spiritually. This is why we see so many unhappy takers/users. They get, thinking it will satisfy and make them happy and bring them peace so work diligently for that next taking to find it, constantly chasing after the wind. When givers give unbegrudgingly, you have peace because you are obedient and humble and God always rewards that. Nothing we have is really ours anyway, not even those placing such great value in it. God owns everything! We give and can never out give God and He will give back all you need and life and joy and peace. Better a saved and blessed pauper than a miserable and cursed tycoon. Those who are poor are the rich ones in God’s kingdom. The first now shall be last then and the last now shall be first. There is no arguing that, it is truth. So don’t feel yourself a victim when used because in that situation, you will be blessed and provided for and have the distinct advantage in that situation. Maybe thank them for giving you an opportunity to have greater spiritual riches now and vaster riches in heaven. They will wish they were more like you then.


Some silliness just came to my attention in my church.  There was a dispute between the pastor and the music director.  Both are very good at their jobs, respectively.  However, they are unable to agree about something in particular.  What that is is of no importance.  I am reminded, however, of the fragility of human beings and how damaging silly behavior is when our pride gets in there and fights harder than we allow God’s Spirit to fight for us.  If we just get out of the way, God will work beautiful “magic”.  If we allow our silly selves to guide us and our tongues, however, bad things happen, like our music director leaving.   This should not be!!  How do 2 men of mature faith allow pride to divide them?  Both are strong and mean well.  I long to scream, “What is wrong with you two? Why on earth do you think any of what you do is all about you?  It is about God’s kingdom expansion and NOT YOU!  Get over it!!”  Will I do that?  Time will tell, but what needs to be said to the kingdom at large- get over yourself.  God’s church is absolutely not, under any circumstances, for you, no matter who you are.  It is for Him.  If you can’t handle that, get out of it so the church can grow!!!!

Far Away From the Maddening Crowd

I love that line, but not necessarily the book.  I never did finish the book.  But the idea of being far from the maddening crowd is a beautiful one… at least sometimes.  We, as Christians, live in the world to enhance it, to teach it, to grow it, to nurture it into the Kingdom worthy of God’s name.  Why?  It’s so much easier to get into survival mode or become worldly or escape into a people-less place.

There is very little of me that I can actually offer anyone.  Not one person will ever find amazing ways for me to use every talent that God has given me.  Not one person will truly appreciate every little thing about you.  That is, no one except the One who made you.  The One who made me knows every nuance about me and wants to.  The Master and Creator of the universe cares deeply for me and you and every person he made.  Even the ones you don’t want to admit that God made.  So, given your life to Him for His purpose will be the closest thing to a feeling of completion, purpose, potential fulfillment that you can get.  It’s selfish, really, to give yourself to God.  😉  It’s simple.  You. Just. Let. Go. Of You.