When Your Bananas Brown

Of course, you make bread. When your bananas brown, you make bread. It is just that simple. When things go in a way that is inevitable but you don’t want to think about, you make the most of it. When the eggs don’t get scrambled, you make an omelet. You get the food analogy thing. It is important to know that we live in a world where things are going wrong. They are going wrong because it is inevitable that they do, we are warned that things are going to go wrong until Jesus returns, which is soon, folks. So, what do we do? Cry that we worked hard and it’s not going right? No. That would be silly because we already know that will be the case. We change our hat, flex our agendas and celebrate the soon coming of our King. Aslan will return. The King with come back. We do not mourn inconvenience for the moment. No, we are followers of the truth. We anticipate the forever after this brief bad spell. There will be joys along the way if we are flexible and look for them. My friend and mentor Char Pierson used to say that we are supposed to be “Flexible to the point of liquidity but not vaporization.” I like that. It’s not so bad when problems come. We know they will. It is pretty incredible that we are seeing the moments before the greatest event of history (after the birth and resurrection/re-birth, that is). Don’t mourn your bananas going brown. Make bread and enjoy each morsel.

Caregiver to the Ungrateful

I am helping take care of my parents now. For the most part they are very thankful for the help. However, there are times like tonight when they are insulting to me or assuming that I will come help at their whim despite my family’s needs and schedule. There are times I feel I am robbing my children of aspects of their childhood or robbing myself and my husband of time we could be spending together. And I thought, as times go by they will need more and expect more and become more insulting and demanding and then critical of how I am caring for them. So, here I am contemplating my response to these issues of caretaking that I figured would happen but are starting to happen now. Knowing things will go a certain way is one thing and them actually happening is quite another. So, through circumstances that simply are, I have decided that I will do everything I can do that does not interfere with the health of my family and leave the rest in God’s capable hands. I am called to serve God and not people, so if that is my focus, I will not be surprised or hurt when my service is not met with applause or trophies for service well done. Those who serve the King are honored to do so. Serving the King consistently will earn you the lifetime of service award, a room with a view of glory. So, what I have determined to do is to train my focus. I must continue to focus on God as my reason for serving, my King that I am really serving. So, that is my strategy and game plan and God will help me focus on Him. And that is very cool.