Simple Joys

In an ever increasingly complex and ever decreasingly user friendly world we live in, seemingly quite tense and hostile and quite literally playing out wars between good and evil, we need to breathe in some simplicity. We need a mental break. We need to go to a good church. We need to read God’s Bible. We need to pray. And we need to put on some I Love Lucy reruns and just laugh. We need park time, movie time, hiking time, ice cream rime, sitting on a porch swing time, baking and eating time, beach time, sunset watching, whatever give you enjoyment and simple joys. These are the positive tings we need to balance the weight of the world pushing in on us all the time. It is important. Schedule it in. Demand a break for yourself and those around you who feel your inner tension. Exploding onto them too. Be a humanitarian, for heaven’s sake (lol) and enjoy some simple joy therapy. Laugh. Relax. God is still very much in control and we need to be ready for Him. 🙂


Grabbing Joys Not Toys

Everything that distracts does not improve joy. Getting the best and brightest toys out does not produce joy. They run counter to each other. The more you have, the more you seem to want and all the things distract the eyes and the mind from people who miss a good conversation.There is joy in speaking with someone and sharing thoughts, your day, ideas. There is great sadness in solitude and tech socialization is not the best substitute for it. The next best thing costs a lot of money. It is quite freeing to sit instead and have a cup of coffee with a friend or take your kid out to the park. These things build memories and bonding and character and love. Tech is cold and heartless and can never give you a warm hug. So rather than the newest new thing, my money will be going into outings and vacations and dates and investing in people I love.