A Matter of Integrity

When someone lies and commits a crime of slander or any other crime, no matter who that person knows or how much money or popularity or power that person has, they should still be responsible and held accountable and prosecuted and found guilty and punished. That, my friends is justice. America has been bought, friends, and our good President with of course God’s help is working to restore her to justice and greatness for God’s glory. And we need to pray and stand up for justice. And we as Christian Americans must do this because God’s grace and mercy have allowed us to escape the punishment of our spiritual sins. We who have been forgiven must forgive but we also must cry out for the wronged. It is unfair that those with the right connections or money get away with murder. Quite literally. We all saw it with OJ Simpson, the Clintons, so many others. It is a matter of integrity that we restore our justice system to justice and accountability to fairness for all. And God would bless efforts toward that end for it us what He stands for. We all need to pray. I am fasting and praying tomorrow along those lines even stronger alongside my posted prayers. Please pray with me. “Justice for all” still means something. There is an integrity we must get back to maintain or restore the backbone of this country and faith in God. Integrity still matters. We must stand against injustice.❤

Pointing Worship to the Cross

Humanism has seeped into the church, slid in smoothly and easily right before our eyes. I was a worship leader for some time as God led me to it. I noticed right away what was needed. We need to point people’s worship and attention to God, to Christ our Messiah and Savior. To Him the worship belongs. We honor Him by pointing people to Him. As soon as we look for applause or have a gleam in our eyes for accolades, we have started our feet on the path of failure at our job. Worship is all about how magnificent God is and not how great someone might sing or play. This worship leading vocation must necessary be the most humbling job on the planet. It is the basic of callings and what we are created for. We were made to worship. To lead people to that, we must let go of ourselves and our status. When we concentrate too much on rote and perfection, we can stifle the Holy Spirit’s movement. We must go where He leads and if His plans differ from what we planned, we must be eager to let go of control and agendas and strive to follow with every breath we take. A person who leads worship must be a person of prayer and Bible study and meditation. A worship leader must rise up to lead on his or her knees. Anything less and failure is looming. God is everything. It is all for Him and about Him. To be successful in churches country wide we must quit the humanistic shows and turn off the fancy lights that bring glory to people and get back to focusing on God. There is nothing wrong with a show, but church is God’s and a show is for people to make money or magnify themselves or for entertainment. This should have no place in a church. We need to give churches back to God and build His kingdom and not our own. This is vital to the life and integrity of the church. God deserves better from us.