Independence Day!!

My daddy was a Marine and a farmer and machinist in SW Michigan and the more patriotic man in the world and I am His daughter. He used to do July 4th bigger than anyone I knew, spending hundreds of dollars on food and fireworks at our house. Family and neighbors came to our house for this holiday. Homemade ice cream, grilled meats, mom’s potato salad, sweet corn on the cob, watermelon and a healthy dosage of fireworks to top it off. This is my first Independence Day celebration without him and it will be spent humbly with some close friends. It will be different, quiet but sometimes the quiet company of dear friends is best and we will have a great day. We are looking forward to it! Happy Independence Day!!!! Love you and God bless America!!!

Independence Day

Our country was founded the right way by the Puritans through God’s leading. They worked with their authorities and governing bodies of England for as long as they were reasonable and cohesive with their beliefs. When that ceased happening, these people all went up against the greatest military force on earth at the time and won. We were the underdogs but had a great Provider who stepped in several times with just the right timing, natural interferences, etc. and led us to victory. Many ups and downs later, we the people can still be proud of our heritage, both our Spiritual and our physical heritage. We owe much to those who have through the years bravely fought for our freedoms that we enjoy and we can be so proud of them! Many freedoms were achieved at enormous cost! And yet here we remain. A battle still rages on for freedom. Now, our freedoms are being challenged from within. That enemy has infiltrated our children and public and personal lives and governing bodies and churches so prevalently that we are very much at risk of losing the freedoms we hold so dear. What can we do to stop this degradation? We as Christ followers can humble ourselves and pray and seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways. Then God will hear us from heaven and will forgive our sins and heal our land. It is not the job of those serving the enemy to accomplish this grave task but the sole responsibility of us Christ followers. God responds to the pleas of His children when offered from contrite hearts. We can bring back our former glory and protect the freedoms so many gave so much for. We are the only ones who can. And we can’t do it proudly preaching and sinning in the same breath. We can only do it on our knees, praying earnestly with a contrite heart and pure motives. We Christians need to make this our Independence Day and independently take up our crosses and follow Christ. He is the One who makes us free and we are free indeed and we can bring freedom recharged to our beloved America.