UFO Alien Lie

My husband loves watching documentaries and YouTube shows on UFO aliens. It just fascinates him to think that someone or other civilizations are out there. And at first, they seem legit, so many eye witnesses and supposed footage and experiences of people. It seems plausible if you don’t weigh it against truth. And if there are such beings in this world, I would caution that they are not good. They very well may be the fallen angels’ offspring when the fallen angels bred with human women to make unholy inbred demon babies. (It is in the Bible.) And as such, they are not gods or good at all or worth all the attention they are getting. And even more dangerous is the lie I see creeping in that they are actually our originators or creators and that explains our origins, as the evolution myth/lie is scientifically crumbling around us. And that is as scary a step as the evolution lie. Neither are true. And both are dangerous distractions which lead away from God our Creator. We are made with love by God for His purpose and gifts specific to us to take care of His creation, do good works and celebrate and worship God. The rest we need not be distracted or lied to about. Our focus is to remain on God and things that are good, pleasing, wholesome. That is to be our focus and goal. So if they exist, they are no good and God is way bigger. Better to let them fly off. ❤