Facebook God

If you spend more time on Facebook and other social media and tech and games than you spend on God and loving and/or serving people, Facebook has become your god. And that is serious. I am proof you live happier and better and in obedience free of social media. I was addicted and it had become my idol and now I am free of it. I only blog for ministry and check my email and that is it for tech in my life. I want no more of it. I want God to be God in my life. I do not want Him to return and not be ready or worse, to have an idol of social media in place of Him. God deserves so much better; in fact, He deserves everything.❤

Prayer Revelations

When I pray, God reveals truths to me. He teaches me things. I have to be quiet and listen and humbly pray and God teaches me things. For instance, this morning as I walked and talked with Him, He revealed to me that when people idolize and lift up someone for some great thing they have done or achieved, they very often neglect t doling out praise and worship and adoration to God who gave them them hat gift or ability to begin with. In essence, it is glorifying the receiver of the gift rather than the Giver of the gift (and the Maker of that person). It is all wrong. God should get your praise first. God should be worshipped and lifted up for it all!!!❤❤❤

Addicted Me

“Addiction” is the new psychobabble word for “idolatry” we hear of in the Bible. It is putting anything first continuously in our lives above God. Only psychology calls it a medical term so it is considered an illness and releases personal responsibility and declares that people can’t help themselves. So these “addicts” whose decisions are magically taken from them keep doing those things. When our parents or people in our lives pattern idolatry for us, the habit is fostered in the children most of the time. I had a mom who idolized food and a dad who idolized work. So, it is the most natural thing in the world for me to idolize something. I get to pick which thing, right? See, what the secular psychologists don’t seem to understand is that idolatry or “addiction” if you want to call it is really a spiritual matter. It is choosing each and every time on purpose to go to something/someone to alleviate boredom, feel good, not feel alone, alleviate pain, feel loved, feel wanted, etc. instead of going to God, really the only One who can do us any good and loves us unconditionally and forever. So, I have a choice each time I am needing any of those things whether to self-medicate with a temporary and often harmful thing/person or pray and meditate and read God’s Word to seek Him and find Him. So, technically, I can choose to focus on God and become an addict of a diligent relationship with God. I can idolize God? I can certainly put Him first. I believe that is called worship. If they want to call it a medical word referring to excessive focus and repeated behavior on a certain thing/person, it only makes sense that we can be addicted to the reading and application of Scripture. Yes, with certain chemical abuse to the brain, people need medical intervention to withdraw from the physical ramifications of really stupid sin choices. Very true. But much of the time we can be treated with truth, humility, decision to about face (repentance) and focusing on God and His Word as a healthy alternative. There is no choice that we can not make. We can choose to remain in denial and thick lies upon lies and continue to put idols before our Creator God. (Just remember this decision effects not just you but hurts all those around you who love you.) We can choose to be good and seek after God and truth. (And remember, this decision will promote peace and love between you and those who love you.) Please choose God. I did and have never regretted it ever. I have peace and joy and a close relationship with God and am so blessed.