Original Music

My husband and I are working on original instrumental music! I have written hundreds of songs but very few instrumentals and this is so freaking cool. Love it. God knew what He was doing when He had me marry a musician. This is so good! What a gift! Just wanted to shout out and give God props for His insight. He does know best, friends. ❤ 

Special Kind of Talent

I was able to be a supportive wife with my kids today at my husband’s gig at Old Town. Yet somehow my special kind of talent again allowed me to help set up and tear down as well as do the sound check as the lead female vocalist and pianist were late. So I worked during the gig and supported my husband and the band he was helping out. I always manage to be helping or filling in or something. I arrive and end up being a teacher or roadie or sound checker or boss or janitir, whatever the need is. That seems to be my talent. I guess that is either competent or a humble servant’s heart or just naive. In any case, God knows full well I work for Him and no one else. Those I help I see as helping Him. Someone asks me to help, I assume God just asked me to help. That is how I was brought up and how I am. And I guess my stubbornness and faith kick in and I do it whether or not I ever have, and God always blesses my efforts for Him. For instance, the band appreciated what I did and asked me to sing lead for them in another gig. So… cool. And God always blesses my support of my husband (even if he was really mean that day). It is funny. When I drop my pride and be supportive and do what I know I should do, God blesses and the I am treated better. Most of the time. But even if not, I am not working for a person, I work for God, you see. So this night was very fun and they were great and I am rewarded and happy and exhausted. Going to bed now. Sweet dreams, friend. ❤ 

Props for My Husband

I don’t fawn over my husband because that is not his thing not because he is not a wonderful husband and very good man. I respect him and love him dearly because for the past seven years we have been married and even before that when we were dating, he has always opened the door for me, has always taken care of me, been a great Father to my son from a previous marriage and our daughter, played with me in bands through many musician band family members who have come and gone, providing a common hobby and deep musical history. We have walked through fire together, through distractions and horrible accusations by a demonic figure of a person, through an ex no paying child support for 3 1/2 years and finally court. Sounds like a lot of drama, but that was spread over 7 years and we are fairly peaceful lately with busy but quiet lives since he retired. And no marriage is all roses but ours is steady and respectful and my husband is a great conversationalist, loves God, loves me, shares my love of travel and is a great thinker and teacher. So here is to my wonderful husband. I love you, honey. Thank you so much for all you do and sharing your life with me! What a ride!

This Blessed Day

Today was amazingly beautiful in every way. A day or two ago, I was feeling very low. For me to say so is significant. I am pretty steady state and am not often deeply rattled by things. But alas, the enemy has been my enemy for some time and seems to know very well what can affect me. And I should not fall for it but sometimes still do. Praise God for forgiving me so much! However, today was definitely a big fat diamond vacation from Heaven. I feel refreshed in my heart and was reminded why God put my husband and I together. We completed a project together. We put up pole lights around our front patio. This doesn’t sound like a big project, but I assure you if you do it right and lasting, it is. And I was able to appreciate and respect my husband and how he plans well, invents well, organizes and prepares well, instructs well and appreciates my efforts to help him. I felt so blessed to work all day today with such a man and feel so proud that he is my husband. I felt like our marriage was refreshed because God touched my perspective. Perspective is the key to life. The same good and bad punches come to every person, but what makes the great stand out from the masses is what they choose to focus on and do about it, no matter what. And the absolute best I can hope for everyone is a beautiful day like this with the person God designed for you. Then when the day comes, which is rare and amazing, appreciate it because it is a reward and blessing from God. There is no other explanation. I feel like,though I love my husband and will until I die, I re-fell in love with him today. It is a truly marvelous adventure, this life thing, this marriage thing. It can feel like it is ripping your heart out some days and other days like it is everything good and alive about life. And I am celebrating this day and wish you a day like it.

Purposeful Encouragement Focus

I realized something today, something very personal. I have had a screwed up focus sometimes toward the man I love most in the world, my husband. I do not know where I started down the wrong path or maybe it was a slow gradual incline in effort. But I am thinking it was simply not putting enough effort into being purposeful in my encouragement quotient. See, we all decide what to focus on in life. That focus dictates everything we do, like a mission statement. I had loving but critical parents, so when I am not working hard at it, I tend to lazy down into critical mode. My poor husband. I must have been very difficult to live with. So, I have rewritten my personal mission statement, which I highly recommend everyone on the planet do. I intend to be purposefully encouraging and helpful to my husband and build him up. I intend to celebrate my life with him and focus on the positive. I intend to treasure my moments with him. There is purpose behind God putting people together in marriage and I honor and worship God by honoring and respecting my husband. A life of honor and worship is a life worth living.