Disfunctional Distractions

For those happy and content to foster an addiction willingly that harms your mate, selfishness knows no bounds but there is hope. Choosing to continue a harmful behavior not only hurts the self but also hurts any who love that self, including God. For example, someone might choose to gamble, which seems harmless in small amounts but when taken to a selfish greedy level, there isn’t money for needed things for the family of that person. People stop trusting and start hurting. This robust selfishness is incredibly hateful to those surrounding that person. Another example, there is nothing wrong with drinking wine or beer but when drinking and getting drunk takes that selfish priority over parental duties or work, everyone starts to suffer. Another example, when someone gratifies themselves by watching touched up and plastic people and their spouse never is gratified, trust is broken and the relationship suffers. All these selfish behaviors are choices the selfish person makes again and again. At any point in time, these people can make a different choice. Just one good choice can begin a healthy habit. One can choose to believe that God provides and loves and helps. One can choose to make a different choice and trust their spouse with loving them better than someone they can’t touch. One can choose to trust God with providing finances rather than trying to win it in a bet. One can decide to not get drunk one day and trust that God will reward that behavior with a good day with the family. One can. Selfishness is not an incurable disease. The incredible power of free will and God’s help can change behaviors. God is bigger than feeling of insecurity or neglect. God is bigger than powers of evil that wish you lifeless inside and alone. God is bigger than ugly and mean. These things are no match for God, as long as you let Him work in your life. It is each person’s choice.